For those who didn't got to tune in for the dev. Talk


Can someone please sum up the important bits from the dev. Talk? I didn’t got the chance to participate.


Sure, but first the talk needs to actually happen.


Either way I won’t be able to participate, got 3 exams next week.


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:


They usually have the cast up on their vod section of their twitch page after


‘usually’? I thought this was the first. Has something similar happened before? Just curious, is all.


He implies they leave the vods up from all of their important streams. Tournaments, round tables etc. This is in fact the first dev talk.


Yep, this is the first one.
Glad to see CP pulling this off


Wait, when is this happening?


1600 PST today.


Ah, OK thank you


It would still be good for non-native speakers to have a written summary of the most important bits. Can anyone handle that? Unless there will be an official announcement


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