For the Mythron, a letter


What. If every card was carefully studied and experimented with, there wouldnt have been so many nerfs, bugs, and there would be no dead cards.


Maybe just apply the effect to minions summoned from your action bar then?


yes that would help alot but if it is played in a faction then still only in magmar.

+1/+1 is too good for some factions even if it comes from the action bar.
Magmar are not swarming anyways and eggs still exist.

and that’s not the goal.It should be playable for everyone regardless of the faction.


Lol after nearly five months and major tournament where nearly 90% percent of all the decks were wanderers and a huge patch you think cpg is gonna make the right decision now and balance this obviously busted card? I’d keep dreaming I don’t even think this game will be balanced anymore. Expect that “content where proud of” to be just another frostfire festival and a farewell letter at most.

For what’s it’s worth I always thought wanderer would be fine if he was at 7 mana and didn’t give a boost to your bbs minions.

…oh and delete flash reincarnation :rofl:


Every wabderer deck is good. Put whatever you like in there with any general and you can find a way to make it playable. Mythron is a sort of shell you can put on any general. So you dont necessarily need a minion based general to pull it off (nice one ryousen :+1:)


Playing too many unnecessary cards = playing a bad deck.
Many decks have potential for victory in the right hands.

“Every Wanderer deck is good. If you think otherwise, you’re playing a bad Wanderer deck.”

What is this is nonsense.
And you can even claim it in any other situation.

“Every Mnemovore deck is good. If you think otherwise, you’re playing a bad Mnemovore deck.”
“Every Vanar deck is good. If you think otherwise, you’re just playing a bad Vanar deck.”
“Every deck is good. If you think otherwise, youve built a bad deck.”

What does this phrase even mean. Like, I know what you meant to mean is “Wanderer is OP”, but you said more than that, and stuff got complicated. Check the logic next time.


There’s wisdom in these words…


It is really emblematic. I almost love it.
Every life is good. If you think otherwise, you’ve built a bad life.
This is… wow, I feel like Im a curtain pull away from an illumination when I feel these words.


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