For the Mythron, a letter


Yeah, so let’s just listen to the no clue whiners and nerf Ragnora only.

Even better, why don’t we increase the manacost for all Magmar cards by 2? The faction should be fair then right? Nah, let’s make it 3 mana, just to be sure.

And then after about 2 weeks when even the last Magmarhater realized that Reva is just as busted with Wanderer i can finally walk around freely and flame all those Songhai mains for how completely busted their faction is. I am already at a point where i am autoconceding against P1T1 Scrollbandit plays so i would love to vent a little :smiley:


TBH, I meet zero Wanderer Reva on ladder, so I have forgotten how annoying she is. I meet Wanderer Zirix, Lil, even Kara, but not Reva.


Well, Wandror Erva is the new Wandror Broem - disgustingly underused given how those characters have been niched outside our little chat group, and surprisingly powerful when you take notice.


I feel like the 7/7 body is similar to playing Fault-Rae on 6 mana. Dropping the stats of Wanderer will help balance it since dropping a 5/5 on 6 mana isn’t nearly as impactful as dropping a 7/7 on 6 (which isn’t even that bad of a standalone play to be honest).

I’ve never really seen Wanderer Ragnora as a huge problem. The deck generates some really beefy minions, but I feel like the lack of consistency makes the deck perfectly fine. I mean, that’s my experience as an S-Ranker at least. Maybe it’s harder to deal with at different levels of play haha


New phone, who dis?


the problem of wanderer comes from improving minions that have already good abilitys.

Golems gonna do nothing, especially if you only have to play 1 copy of each card.

the only good thing is abyssian lilithe with their bbs because wraithling have no abilitys but you can still fight through.

7/7 to much for 6 mana? it is not his body that cause problems it is his ability.


Oh boy, how. As MythicalBrit been saying recently, it is both a ‘brainless’ deck at its base and capable of scaling stupidly as you gain skill to pilot it. The ‘lack’ of consistency can be easily worked around given how much of powerhouses the Magmar tools are when beefed up enough to do their thing. You don’t need to be stable, you just need to be large enough to bulldoze through and almost all my recent victories against Wanderer in 15~10 chevvies have been through bruteforcing or highrolling ridiculous levels of early aggro.

It ain’t every day one can say that Chrysalis Burst is nearly impossible to deal with or outright disgusting. Now i have to almost solely think about exploiting its weaknesses instead of ‘partially’ doing so when deckbuilding, instead of focusing on my own deck identity.


I mean, obviously Wanderer’s ability is pretty busted and its the reason why the best deck in the game is centered around that one damned card, but I feel like nerfing the body will help a lot actually. The ability is pretty broken, but the body is just icing on the cake that really doesn’t need to be there


I play Aggro too so that’s probably why I’m not really complaining abut Wanderer, so take my opinion with a grain of salt haha.

It’s obvious that Wanderer is a problem when most of the people reaching S-Rank play the deck. It’s a broken archetype that has a ridiculous power level, thanks to one card. But, even though I don’t play the deck at all (I didn’t even own Wander until yesterday when I opened my 51th Mythron orb), I still like what the card/archetype has to offer to the game. I’d much rather have a deck like Wanderer Ragnora completely take over the meta, where people have the chance to throw in their favorite cards because it’s Wanderer, than a deck like Fault Zirix take over where decks have almost no diversity from one another because there are one or two “fully optimized” lists (I love Fault Zirix, but the idea of it defining a meta is disgusting to me).

So yeah, my opinion probably differs from yours and a lot of other peoples’, but I don’t hate the concept at all. Maybe make the body weaker because Wanderer doesn’t need a 7/7 “icing-on-the-cake” body to be a good deck, but other than that, here’s an S-Ranker that isn’t complaining about the most polarizing card in Duelyst right now :slight_smile:


I mean, we can all agree and clap our hands at the idea of supporting Highlander decks, this is about the only good thing about it. The rest is a discussion of how to do it.

Specially given how Mythron’s trademark new keyword is Intensify and his design is to be a training wheel, i’m willing to go mad enough to make Wanderer more of a statement than a power-play: 2/2/2 with a destiny of: Whenever you play a card, shuffle a copy of it in your deck.


I support this. As I already said somewhere, overnerfing its stats (like making it 2/2) can solve the problem. Recovering from such a tempo loss at 6 mana will considerably raise the skill floor of the archetype.


Manacost 7, job done.


Wanderer is not a finisher. Every 7 mana card needs to be a finisher to be played in the current game state, imo.


Lets make it a magmar card too.

Problem solved.


or make it +1/+1 to egg minions only, and make it a lyonar card.


I like this idea a lot. Perhaps even non-token minions since everyone will just play Wanderer Lillith and still have the same problem cuz Abyssian has their own form of Flash.


abyss flash is much more punishing than magmars(and conditional)


Reva bbs? already forget the heartseeker is no more token.
but with abyssian it would not be as strong as with magmar.


Wanderer breaks the balance of this game.
Every card in duelyst before published has been studied, experimented very carefully by game developers and designers so that it’s stat, effect, mana suits the new meta. Take a look at golems, i see a well balanced archetype with healthy statlines. The +1/+1 from wanderer killed that balance, giving the player a huge advantage every trade he makes, so i think the trial needs to be reworked, nerfing the 7/7 body won’t change much.


I definitely agree that reworking the Wanderer destiny will help balance the game, but dropping a 7/7 on 6 or 7/5 on 4 is still a pretty good tempo play, and that’s not what Wanderer needs on top of the effect. I seriously feel that nerfing the body will do a lot. It’ll change the card from a Fault-Rae to on 6 just to a Fault on 6 if you know what I mean. Card will still be really really good. Just wont need the excessive power from its body tbh