For the Mythron, a letter


let there rise no innocent doubts,
and let herein be clearly stated;
rays rainbow bless the singular essences
that fare in gems of such charisma,
shaped as beasts so dearly beloved,
that in deep chasms of victory’s chances,
the dark depths of the lost and meek,
lie unfairly forgotten.

thus so brightly rise thy silvery spirit,
for clad in lilac robe, sewn in lands afar,
fainly thee chant the uniqueness of a seat,
thus from thy company, old friends come to greet-
and twinning such ballad, to be also fainly mine,
in thy tripointed beauty all of us do shine.

within this troupe my long lost friends-
thy aura bodies rest, and any wounds mend,
for far from the tiredness of days repeated,
in explorer’s boots, red and pleated,
I, too, mirror thy hunger-
for joyful company to beside wander.

Since there’s strength to the hate train, I decided to make this. My love serenade for the highlander trial, bringing about randomness in its healthiest form, and allowing me to play with creatures I like that would be excluded from any other list. You dont have to minmax with Ragnora, you can play Wanderer Sajj with Saon and Chaos Elemental, you can finally run Artifact Hunter without ruining your deck, you can get Purgatos on board, Sanguinar is finally usable, Skyppy is your draw, even Sphynx can find a slot.
Remember, sometimes, you can just play Wanderer to have this kind of fun. Dont wish for its death just because Magmar is stupid.


I completely agree with this statement but unfortunately its esier to nerf one neutral card instead of multiple magmar cards and if a Balance patch Will ever be deployed i Think this is what Will happen.


No, don’t do that, she needs a nose.

Wish for its death because Reva is stupid. What? Reva has always been stupid? She can go die then.

Honestly though, don’t bully the poor wanderer, its not his fault some lizards are cutting an arm off to get him out by turn 2.


*his arm off

Besides if they can rape your skull with one arm evolution will get rid of the other at some point


I actually like the idea of a highlander deck very much. It gives weaker cards a chance to see play and is highly customizable. But yes, Magmar is stupid.


Make wanderer +1/+1 to non-egg minions.

Problem solved.


Just make it a 0/0 so it will summon as a 1/1.


What abou reva?


By far most complaints are about Ragmar wanderer, so just leave Reva as it is.


+1/+1 to neutral minions. This would fix it and it makes sense because its the neutral trial


Fair fix, yes. Downside is every wanderer deck would look even more similar.


I would hope if they nerf wanderer, they nerf the trails mechanic entirely by not making the card start in your hand giving you a +1 card advantage or at least make your hand 4/6 cards from your deck and 1/6 Trail card.


make wanderer +1/+1 for non-ability minions.


I suppose it could work but then it kills Wanderer Kara (not like it was a real deck, atleast non that I know)




I’d rather go through the odyssey of caffeine and tears that is to improve/rework the whole lot of weird memey underused cards instead of using Wanderer as a justification to play them as is, maybe even “crush” the neutral tempo shell, into different parts of it being for different factions, just to force some chaos into people’s minds.

I just want my Young Flamewing to be a 4/2/5 Songhai minion with Flying and Celerity.

New note: given the precise nature of Wanderer’s problem, maybe his solution should be something non-numeric. The problem that Wandernora/Wandeva brings mostly lies in how much stupid value they bring both in making things deadly and hard to kill - i don’t hate the eggs as much as i actually hate wandered Makantors/Lavaslashers. Wanderfault is disgusting by principle, and the overall removal OG neutrals become much of a problem because the slight undertune they were built on is gone AND those already quite powerful also become further problematic (8/8 EMP ain’t that much different from 9/9 EMP).

Just give them something that isn’t a straight numeric buff and i’m in peace with Highlander Alice.


My Arcanyst and Dying Wish Wanderer Lilithe builds (in my Abyss thread) are fun & fair decks :slight_smile: there’s honestly so much extra potential for Wanderer, but why take the less powerful and more brainy route when you can just poop big eggs…


Yeah, of all the problem of trials, giving card advantage is he most dumb


For myself personally, I think wanderer is perfectly heathy for the game and it makes “bad” cards see more play.

But, I feel like the 7/7 body should get nerfed to like a 5/5 or something and then a whole lot less of people are gonna be complaining. Obviously it’s not very fun running into Wanderer Ragnora 4 times in a row in S-Rank, but with some balancing to the minion’s stats itself, I feel like this game would be a lot more balanced.

Don’t hate on Wanderer guys. He never did anything wrong :’)

(I don’t play wanderer. I play Aggro Reva, Burnhorn, and Titan Lyonar, but just please stop complaining guys :(((( )


No. My pitchfork is already raised, sharpened and burning. It demands Mr Worldwide blood!

But really, the 7/7 body is the least of our problems, although anything is welcome at this point.