For the love of god can we please have casual back


I love duelyst. i love ladder. but every once in a while i would really like to test out my onyx jaguar black locust deck against real people without going through ladder anxiety.

and its not just for testing out fun decks. i would like to enjoy a fun game of duelyst without ladder pressure, against non-meta creative decks from other people, and acquaint myself with new players instead of playing the same pool of people on ladder over and over and over again.

at this point i don’t even care if people are abusing casual for quests. i just wanna get out of the ranked environment.

please for the love of god or whatever you hold dear CP, can we please please have our casual mode back?

[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : "One Man Army"
[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : “CBO”
[OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) : "AoE"

I totally second that.

A casual mode, where you can experiment, play “for fun”, without any reward for winning or even flag for quest completion. Pure … game … only, no Gold or Spirit attached.


You’re about to get a bunch of people repeating tired excuses about why they removed it 6 months ago, none of which are really relevant given that the game is far more advanced now, and the playerbase larger. As I keep saying, every other game like this has one, there’s no reason to believe CPG can’t make it work.

My hope is that we will see it back sometime soon. In the meantime, there’s a substitute: friends games. Make friends and test out decks with them.

If you want, come join my stream sometime if you are able, which is really about this sort of thing. While it’s still small, I do friends games against my viewers nearly every session, and people in chat also challenge each other. You’re bound to find someone who can help you out.


We’d love to bring it back, but theirs multiple challenges in doing so in a healthy state. One of which you mentioned. You want to enjoy a fun game against non-meta creative decks from other people.

The last time we had a casual mode that wasn’t what was happening.
What was happening was one person was playing a non-meta creative deck and the other person was playing a top tier deck and the match was entirely lopsided and not particularly engaging for either party.


Just play at 10/5 or S rank. That is casual.


I can feel your pain, and it is already mentioned. Casual mode will always result in some people that are trying to make innovative, fun, gimmick decks on one end, and some people try harding or even practicing a competitive deck on the other. I have no idea how to make the casual mode everyone wants where people with fun, innovative and gimmicky decks play against one another.

But if you are really keen on playing in such an enviroment, try hitting S-rank. People there are testing out different decks and just basically play whatever they want to. However, I do have to warn you that you might see people from diamond from time to time with ultra competitive meta decks or even some people playing meta decks in S-rank sometimes jut for fun. And the grind there is usually quite tiring and even torturing depending on the meta.


Make deck fully readable before engaging in a match.
Imagin it like a “chat room”, where you can hover over a name and see all the cards people are playing.
Interested, want to test your deck ? Send a request and fight :wink:


'Dems the breaks. with nothing to lose, who cares.


sounds nice. however, I am no IT expert or anything remotely close to that, will it take too much work though? Keeping track of the decklists of individual players, having matches where everyone can watch and link to the player to send requests etc. Sounds fun and if practical, why not haha. But the problem is you cant stop people that might wna troll or jsut stomp on other people with their p2w decks or smethg like that. they can just use meta decks in that mode and crush other people, I have seen this Hearthstone many times. What’s worse is that the community there is x10 more toxic, hopefully the toxicity doesnt pass on to here.


I might be have an unpopular opinion here; but instead of focusing on the next expansion, maybe focus on bringing casual mode back. I dont believe anyone is needing another expansion by end of year. We do need this though.


At the moment, we kinda do. But mainly because Vets really got hit, hard. Songhais are more dominant when their nerf is nothing close to a nerf. Where as tech cards like Zenrui, Kron for slowing them down and shroud becoming a 1-1 is making them even more dominant. The new expansion will hopefully bring something new to fix Vets huuuuuuge problem atm, slow down the meta and maybe tweak Songhai but that’s more of a balance change).


Or any other way to evaluate a deck.
After every encounter, before the Victory/Defeat screen, put a simple poll with stars for review.
1 to 5 starts to rate “Fun” deck
1 to 5 starts to rate “Pro” deck

And when you start a fight versus an opponent, just display evaluations.
"The deck you are about to meet is rated : Fun/1 Pro/5"
And you just can accept or decline.
It’s a simple popup and rating system.

I used to be an “IT guy” but for years now, I’m working on UX (User eXperience), I guess something can be done here :wink:


If it doesnt need too much worj your suggestion might be fine. but the fact that there are gonna be some “try hard” players will still ruin the fun in casual mode regardless. The rating will just give people a heads up of “un-fun” at the start of the game :frowning:


I understand that you guys consider this a problem. What I don’t understand is why you guys consider this a problem.

If you select “casual mode” then that’s what it means: it’s casual, that means you may face anything. You might get a funny memey deck and destroy it. You might get a serious deck and get ROFLstomped. Or anything in between.

But the entire point is: it’s casual mode and nothing is at stake. You are using this mode because you want to finish quests (in which case most people would say they’d prefer a less-than-perfect experience over losing ranks) or because you are goofing around (in which case it also doesn’t matter).

In fact, if I am trying to test decks, the bigger the variety of opponents, the better. Unranked would be flatly superior to ranked play, even without worrying about losing ranks.

Seriously, I don’t understand what the problem is here. I do friends games all the time on my stream. Sometimes one guy picks a serious deck and the other a goofy deck, sometimes the opposite, sometimes both are silly or serious. Someone wins and someone loses. Nothing is at stake, so it’s just fun. What’s the problem?


Although I understand where you are coming from; but the problem is this, some people are like you, where they want a mode where nothing is at stake. Some other people want a play ground for gimmick decks and just pure fun with random decks (and no meta decks). I guess they consider it a problem because the latter has a louder call for casual mode, making it seem that the majority wants it that way.


There flatly is no solution for some people using goofy decks and some using serious decks. There’s no metric that can assess the “seriousness” of a deck. So rather than something imperfect, with an “anything goes” disclaimer, we’re better off with nothing? Apologies, but I just don’t get that.


If it’s a casual mode where (quote again) “it’s casual mode and nothing is at stake.” then ok, but nothing is nothing, not even possible to complete quests through this Casual Mode.

By getting really nothing, zilch, nada, zero, you will also filter the people participating and lower the amount of people ROFLstomping there, just to grind the 15gp double win or finish a quest.

I’ll be totally in for this mode. True casual pure playing mode, no Gold, no Spirit, no Questing, no Stats/Ribbon, just the game, for the sake of it.


That actually sounds like a good way to filter out “try hard” decks. But the problem arises, again. Do people want this casual mode as a testing grounds for gimmick decks and what not. or is it a place where people that lacks competitive decks are able to take advantage of too? because as we know, the current ladder may not be the best place for a new player to be.


While I could argue that nothing is at stake when it comes to quests – this is not HS where you have to win – I can live even with them not counting, if that’s what it takes to bring the mode back. Anything is better than nothing.

An imperfect casual mode is better than newbies hitting rank 10, suddenly seeing their win rate drop to 20%, and quitting out of frustration.

I do agree you shouldn’t get gold for wins in this mode.


well i am there and i kind of care about my ranking to try out goofy decks
i dunno i just feel very weirdly compelled to win when i’m playing ladder