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For Serpenti's Sake, Nerf Faie Already!


4 players running it is not enough, if a deck is meta it is defined by the amount of people playing it and not how powerful it is. 4 people is enough to put it nowhere near on a tierlist.


I confess my sin, Father. This thread has nothing to do with the Lord of Marbled White.


“Do not talk to me or Serpenti ever again”


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tbh anything with more than 3 damage makes serpenti unviable and that’s what needs to change for serpenti’s sake



Only took 4 days :slight_smile:




Again, I rank deck power levels based on their ability when optimally piloted. Power rankings have never punished a deck which performs well in diamond and S on account of how people in silver cannot find similar success. For example, Spell hai was relatively uncommon in the lower tiers during two draw not because it was bad, but because it was gut-wrenchingly difficult to pilot. Nemeton falls into a similar category, though as I stated earlier, the problem stems not from the deck’s low floor, but rather the mistaken game plan of the pilot. Nemeton, not unlike ox, is a bonus. A BONUS. It should NOT be your initial gameplan. Your deck will only summon him every 4-5 games.


Believe and find peace, my weary comrade. Look to Bleech and sticks, both of whom have played it on their climb. Also, my brother @tm25md did well with the deck on his climb to S. I’ll attach a video below:


https://www.quotes.net/mquote/87975 :wink:


Thing is, a deck can’t be meta if it isn’t used much. Meta decks are decks that you will expect to see often.


Why does the deck have to be “meta” to be considered good?

A deck especially when its discovered or if its a hard deck to pilot might not be all over ladder but it could still be the best.

Also I don’t think he suggested the deck is meta, just that it works decently well when piloted correctly.


Sure, alright. A single player, one of the best players in Duelyst with both the experience and expertise, is able to play the deck. Surely, that player can adequately represent the entire Duelyst player base, or else how would he be enough justification to rank the deck at 1.5?


Since when did I say it is meta lmao. I was judging the deck based on strength. Aggro cass is strong, but it isn’t meta. Fault zirix is both strong and meta. Xor’xuul is not strong, but absolutely meta. Also, where are you on ladder? Nemeton / token kara was pretty common in diamond as I climbed through it.


If an entire faction doesn’t have a single meta deck then there is a problem.


Given that he builds and plays optimally? Absolutely. I think you are confusing “meta” with strength. A strong deck isn’t necessarily meta :smile:


On account of the fact that all of vanar’s decks are very expensive to craft? I’d absolutely agree with you.


Tiers are a quantification of the meta. You initially stated that Nemeton is tier 1.5, but now is backpedaling to stating that it is just a strong deck. I did not deny that Nemeton can be strong in the hands of a expert player, but I did find it irrational that the fact alone can be sufficient evidence to rank Nemeton at 1.5. Like you said, the two are different things.


Vanar needs some love rn, but at least they have a couple of options



I think you misunderstand me. It is t1.5, but uncommon. I was power ranking it, lmao. Also- tiering is generally based on what is seen in s. 4 players in a game where there are currently less than 50 s rankers is pretty good, no?