For it is I Dervish/LunacyHS!


Decided I’d return to one of my favorite games after a bit of a hiatus. :slight_smile: If I start streaming again.


Welcome back! Hope you enjoy the changes made to the game, and enjoy Shim’zar (if you missed that)


Yeah I left shortly before Shim’zar wish I stayed though because I’ve been hearing nothing but good things.


There has been plenty of good stuff coming through, Shim’zar was amazing. Here are all the cards released in that expansion ( We’re currently building up for the next expansion in mid-December


Oh yeah, and for a list of meta decks around about now, check out That is updated regularly, also you could check out for some indepth meta discussions


Oh I remember the idea of managlow, glad that they were able to get that going!


Welcome to the forums! For some reason, I think your title was meant to quote Alia from Dune, but I was instead reminded of this awesome macro.


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