Fool's Silver (aka... a Nickel alloy, I guess... Can't really confuse them both...)


Hello fellas, it’s me again! Your friendly neighbourhood non-favourite unknown Silver-scrub!

For those of you who do not remember my previous post (this is actually the most likely scenario), I like to meme around in Gold (more in Silver than I would like to admit).

Anyways, I got inspired by @sonofmakuta’s last video showing off a decklist comprising Stygian Observer (I think it was @icicle’s original idea but alas, my memory fails me at the moment of writing this wonderful and exciting post… Even though it would actually be up to you, the reader, to decide on the intensity of the excitement that may or may not be procured by said-post).

Once more, a short disclaimer:

  • I do not claim to be an expert, so please forgive for any misplay that you may encounter;
  • Even though I call myself a Silver-scrub, I do not by any means represent partially or even tota- (I should probably just show the replay. It is getting obvious that I’m stalling for something… again…) -lly the players of the Silver ranked community;
  • I like licking meteorites and I know pi up to the 17th decimal.

Here’s the replay, it’s not that long but the ending is “cewl cewl cewl” (cf. Abed in the series “Community”; go check it out right now, you potato) :

Now, I know that most of you have stopped reading a while ago this pointless post and we can now get to the real reason of this post:

  1. First of all, thank you once more for last time! The flies aren’t coming back any time soon!
    (I actually made a decklist regarding that incident with Black Locust, entitled “Fruit Locusts”… Not good at all but worth mentionning for those who actually have the decency of at least pretending in taking interest in my life… I’m so lonely… I need another enstatite chondrite).

  2. What is the best dressing/sauce for rosebeef? I want to diversify a bit.

  3. I love you guys. Not as much as… like… meteorites… but you know… a lot more than fruit flies.

I really don’t know where I was going with this but the interrogation in regards to the piece of meat is a legit concern as I am feeling a bit peckish.


If you read the entirety of my post… Thank you but please don’t forget about the rosebeef… Please.


Sadly, Rosebeef is and will always be culinary disappointment.

Nice replay. :slight_smile:


Just saying @rhacker93 also built a Stygian Observer list for his patreons and they already got the deck tech :slight_smile:

I had some fun games with it.

Forgot the link.


Kinda lost the point of the post :smiley:.

More curious on the title. Why are you calling silver a nickel alloy?
Silver is a pure metal. An alloy is a mixture of metals.
So silver is not an alloy.
So are you saying you are a fake silver player? :thinking:

#5 (don,t use firefox as it makes previews here impossible)
Download the decklist(imgur doesn,t give previews)
Use that picture button above the posttextbox around the middle to upload the picture


No worries mate! This post had no point :slight_smile:

Concerning the title, it was actually a reference of my previous (and first) post on the forums, entitled “Fool’s Gold (aka Pyrite)” as the replay I was showing was in Gold.

There doesn’t exist a “Fool’s Silver” as silver is always used as an alloy and never pure as it is too malleable.
Therefore a “fool’s silver” would have to be an alloy in which the silver is replaced and in jewelry, silver is often replaced by nickel in such alloys.

And I am more of a Gold player, so the “fake silver player”-tag befits me quite well indeed :slight_smile:

Edit: Pyrite is called “fool’s gold” as it was often mistakingly confused as being gold during the infamous Gold Rush period. Silver on the other hand cannot be confused with another element in nature as it is very distinct. On another note, gold is also very malleable, so any jewelry or even golden ingots, for example, are actually alloys.


I never meant to imply that I was the creator of the deck if it’s what you meant :slight_smile:
(Although I did afflict my deck with my own twist)

I just love bringing old Kara back :wink:

Edit: Added a sentence in order to avoid confusion.


No I didn’t mean that. You clearly said Icicle made the deck and he made a Stygian Observer deck. There was no way to misinterpret that. Don’t worry :slight_smile:
I only wanted to advertize rhacker’s patreon with the stygian observer deck he made and expressing that others beside Icicle explored the deck idea.


Do you mean roast beef or is rosebeef an actual thing?


Oh my… I’ve just realized that I’ve spent my whole life thinking it was spelled “rosebeef”…
For my defence, from where I’m from, the pronounciation is similar to “roast beef” :sweat_smile:

But yes, even though I had to settle for some ham instead since I still don’t know how to accompagny said-beef in order to satisfy my taste buds.

I’m in quite the predicament, really…


3 different names for the same beef…

Tbf, roast beef is really dry. I’d just eat it in a sandwich or drenched in it’s juices with rice and the various potatoes and/or veggies.


It’s roast beef, but I found rosebeef fun enough to adopt the spelling :slight_smile:
For information, the French spelling is rosbif. :roll_eyes:


Well… roast beef does have a rose-pinkish coloration at its center :stuck_out_tongue:

So we can actually be precursors in initiating this new spelling to the world :smiley:


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