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Flygon and Snowshot's thread of Vanar decks


Hello! I generally create a lot of weird or powerful decks but because I’m known to play Vanar I will post exclusively that (Unless you wan’t me to post other decks.) All of these have been built to not use any cards that will rotate out and I will be quickly updating these for the next expac, as well as add more decks.


This is my standard list that has been updated for rotation. I’m not a fan of standard burn but I absolutely love the idea of ending games with Snow Piercer, games are quick and end suddenly, some tips are: Replace Warbird off Mentor unless setting up
game, save Alcuin for Shroud unless setting up game, don’t always Hearth Sister BBS and replace correctly.

[johnny cash]MTo1MDEsMzo1MTcsMzo1NjEsMzoxMDAxMywzOjEwMzA0LDI6MTEwMjAsMzoxMTA4OCwzOjExMTI1LDM6MTkwNTEsMzoxOTA1MiwzOjIwMTYwLDM6MjAyMzcsMjoyMDMyNCwyOjIwMzkxLDM6MzAwMTU=

I honestly can’t give any advice on this as I have only played one game with this, it exists to say the least.


With the help of @sinpathy I was able to put this together overall just check Sinpathy’s thread on this kind of deck for a better explanation then I ever could… don’t question Zurael BTW.


This list I like to call Seraphim Turbo, Seraphim can win games on her own but the combos are also huge. It’s hard to explain because its very experimental, just make sure you do whats in its name.

[the hills have eyes]MTo1MDEsMzo1MDYsMzo1MTcsMzo1NDEsMzo1NDksMzoxOTAyNywyOjIwMTM0LDM6MjAxNDcsMzoyMDE2MywzOjIwMjM3LDM6MjAyNjEsMzoyMDI3NiwyOjIwMjkzLDI6MjAyOTgsMzoyMDMyNA==

This list was going to get a thread of its own…
23:6 79.3% winrate rank 18-10

This list can easily win without getting its ramp tools, cards like Blue Conjurer and Grove Lion can easily win games and no deck survive back-to-back EMPs.

[mana mana ]MTo1MDEsMzo1MDYsMzo1MTcsMjo1MzgsMzo1NDEsMzoxMTA3NywzOjExMDkzLDM6MTEwOTQsMzoxOTAyNywyOjIwMTM0LDI6MjAxNjMsMzoyMDIyOCwzOjIwMjM3LDM6MjAyNjEsMzoyMDMyNA==


This is the Arcanyst list I have tested the most, the only card I dislike is Trinity Wing and I think I might cut that later, the ratios are weird but the list is consistent and working fine, note that Blue Conjurer is the best card in the deck so you wan’t to turbo it out, it just wins games. Outside of turboing out Conjurer the only other advice I could give you is to be smart with your replaces and don’t be afraid to use your BBS where the only real value is proccing your arcanysts.

Here is why I run some of the cards at what ratios:

Trinity wing at 1?: Cut it, you always have a full hand and bond is really, really bad.

Circulus at 2!?: I actually dislike 2 drops in this deck and I kinda want to cut them altogether, although Circulus being an infinite value generator comes up often enough for it to be useful.

Razorback and Embla (At 2 and 1): Both really fun alternate wincons that come up surprisingly often.

[Arcanyst razorback]MTo1MjcsMjo1MTMsMTo1MzgsMjo1NDAsMzo1NDEsMjoxMDAyMCwzOjEwMzAzLDM6MTAzMDUsMzoxMTA5NCwxOjExMDk3LDI6MjAxMzQsMzoyMDE0NywzOjIwMTYwLDM6MjAyMjgsMzoyMDIzNywzOjIwMjYxLDI6MjAyOTM=

This list was only made a few days ago so it has a lot less testing, overall same advice applies, but note: Replicant might just be the best 2 drop in the game so you always play him first, in this list I actually like 2 drops!

Here is why I run these cards:

Replicant: I quickly grew to loving this card so expect to see this a lot more often, just if its a turn one play make sure to replace the other.


More to come!


@snowshot send me a list you’re comfortable with.


This is the budget list that I decided to make for budget DRR and I want to use for Pauper Meta retreat, if you notice this list is extremely similar to my standard burn list so they play about the same. Just smorc your oppenent as much as possible to win in the early game. Just reference the other burn list for the improvements.

[Pauper faice]MTo1MDEsMzo1MTcsMjo1MzcsMzoxMDAxMywyOjExMDIwLDM6MTEwODgsMToxMTA5MywzOjE5MDI3LDM6MTkwNDksMzoxOTA1MSwzOjE5MDUyLDM6MjAxNjAsMzoyMDIyOCwzOjIwMjM3LDI6MjAzMjQsMjozMDAxNQ==

More to come!

I’m always open for questions and I will post the updated versions when they are created!

How do you make vanar decks
Factions, unite!

Nothing for Illena…:sob:


She needs a lot more support till I’m ready to build a deck that wouldn’t be better as a Faie deck.


What’s up with the Primus shield Masters?


Best 4 drop that isn’t rotating out.

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Wow really? That’s surprising


The rotated out all the good ones, I’m trying out a midrange build with sleetdashers instead of sheildmaster currently however.


:eyes: a fellow worshipper of Taura <3


hoping for one too when i see this kind of thread


dashers without boundless???



Boundless is an epic, nor is it needed.


Allow me to post an Illena deck i’ve had success with:


3 eclipse? Feelsspiritman


first legendary I got. (good turn 9 combo) :wink:

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if you runs slasher you should run boundless for a boardclear of everything (assuming positioning is right) with 5 hp or less + 5/6 body that takes no dmg going face in the eng.

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Dispel This!

Can’t wait to update this!

Spectate my games to watch me learn this mess.


Quick! Play this while you still have a chance! @snowshot

[old school faie]MTo1MDEsMzo1MTAsMzo1MTMsMzo1MTcsMzo1MTksMzoxMDAyMSwzOjEwOTYzLDM6MTEwMTQsMzoxMTEyNiwzOjIwMTM0LDM6MjAxNDAsMToyMDE0NiwzOjIwMTQ5LDI6MjAyMDcsMzoyMDIzNw==

Also snow, do you wan’t to also be a joint owner of this thread? You sadly can’t have the same permissions but you get the point.


Damn this is a good deck! And really cheep one.
I’ll play it.

And yea make me a joint owner


Turns out winterblade is bad so added basilysk, still learning this deck.

[name this deck]MTo1NTgsMzo1MTcsMzo1NDksMzo1NTUsMzo1NjAsMzoxMTA5NCwzOjExMTE1LDM6MTExMjYsMzoyMDEzOSwzOjIwMjM3LDM6MjAzOTEsMzoyMDM5NCwzOjMwMDMxLDM6MzAwNTY=

Draft one of mali ramp, testing this after stun.

[mana mana 2.0]MTo1MDEsMzo1MDYsMzo1MTcsMzo1MzgsMzo1NDEsMzo1NjAsMzo1NjEsMzoxMTA3NywzOjExMDkzLDM6MTEwOTQsMzoyMDEzNCwzOjIwMTYwLDM6MjAyMzcsMzoyMDI2MQ==

Will add all other lists to the top when I’m comfortable with these.


Now while I don’t play vanar, I tried theorycrafting a vespyr deck. It’s fairly simple. decent combos, borean bear and wintertide as wincon. It really struggles if you don’t draw a wintertide. whaddaya think?

I figure the list needs more minions, but you could probably ditch ramp for maybe iceshatter gauntlet + flash freeze, or add in a couple of EMP’s as a late game wincon. Any ideas? Is this workable?
Alternately, with a few more minions. Increased survivability and one more win con.