Floodhorn (november edition) [Smashthings]



Sup guys, so this is my most recent “floodhorn” build. (If interested you can see here for some deck history). Its not a tier one deck (its starhorn, afterall) but its certainly good enough to hit S.

You guys also may be interested this post, which is a lethal puzzle with the deck.


how have diretide and mirkblood been working for you? also, do you have anyway of dealing with threats like ironcliffe?


Mind if I ask how well Zyx has been performing? I expect him to be extremely strong for any flood list, just was curious if you had any strong opinions about him.


Against Ironcliff the usual responses are Repulsor beast or Thumping wave (grudgingly). In the very late game you can use frenzy combos.

Mirkblood (MKBD) is the card we use to snowball our advantage. In many cases we can grab mana springs on turn 2, which means we can often to stuff like MKBD+ Zyx or MKBD + Young silthar / Shiro/ other 2-drop. In such cases if the opponent cannot clear/dispell MKBD we can get absurd value next turn.

Diretide allows the deck to push face dmg without sacrificing board. It can be situational, but a play like Diretide + Primus on a little fella like Zyx can be a lifesaver in a pinch.


Zyx has proved to be a nice addition to the the list. With so many ways to get value out of the them we usually find a use.


Just hit S-rank with deck.



I still have no Mirkblood - thought I can put in Shiro instead. And then I saw that you have them in already…
Puh. I have the spirit but it’s from my Krons and Zen’Ruis - and I probably want them back…


Awesome! I think I will try this, I have everything but Zyx.


probably not wise to craft mirk either, unless you have all the crucial cards.

In the meantime its hard to suggest a replacement. Windrunner / Songweaver would sort of do the trick but the difference between 3 and 4 health is kinda a big deal. Likewise, lady locke / primordial gazer are even smaller bodies that doesn’t allow for a future snowball.

But, if you wanna play the deck without Mirk you could try one/several of the following replacements:

  • Chaos Elemental / Wings of Paradise
  • Twin Fang
  • C. Burst
  • Vindicator
  • Sarlac !?
  • Tiger


Thanx for your answer. My post wasn’t exactly meant as a question for replacements but to read your suggestions is a big help.
I was a little impatient in the meantime and crafted 2 Mirks this night (while knowing you’re the only player throwing it in decks every now and then :wink:). I replaced the 3rd Mirk with a 3rd Thumping but I went to bed and didn’t try how it works. I like the idea with Chrysalis. Even if you don’t get Minions from it, it almost always destroys the opponents positioning.
Thanx again - As a Magmar main I’m curious if this is the first time I’m getting Starhorn to work. My own ideas all failed in the past - and I refuse to play Mech. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: