Flight of the Dervish deck (WIP)


I really enjoy playing Vetruvian, but I could use some help deciding what to craft next and what to replace. I’m not looking to make the most competitive meta deck ever, and to be honest I’m not a big fan of neutral cards. I’m a big fan of thematic decks so I would like to keep neutrals to a minimum, if I use them in this deck at all.

The current decklist looks like this:

General: Zirix Starstrider

Blindscorch x 2
Scion’s first wish x 3
Cosmic flesh x 3
Dunecaster x 3
Ethereal obelysk x 3
Scion’s second wish x 3
Pyromancer x 3
Staff of Y’Kir x 1
Whisper of the sands x 2
Wind slicer x 1
Astral phasing
Falcius x 1
Inner oasis x 1
Orb weaver x 2
Sand howler x 2
Entropic decay x 2
Wind shrike x 3
Starfire scarab x 2

Right now this deck focuses on getting dervishes out and buffing them, and i enjoy the general playstyle very much. The staff is still in just in case it might be needed, but the other cards usually pull their weight. I realize this deck could use some more copies of certain cards to make them more reliable, but to be honest I’m not sure where to begin. I’m also thinking about getting firestorm obelysks, one or more portal guardians and allomancers, among other things. I have a couple neutral cards including some legendaries I could disenchant for spirit to get some of these, but I’m also open to suggestions on what to craft first.


Maybe consider replacing Blindscorch with
Siphon Energy x 3 (Because of how emphasized silence is in the current meta)
Scion’s first wish x 3 is a staple in any Vet Deck so nice
Cosmic Flesh works well only for decks that focus on control or generally have minions with high health, such as bonereaper or nimbus. You should replace it with Dominate Will x 3 perhaps seeing that you deck intends on reaching late game.
Dunecaster x3
Etheral Obelish x3
Replace the scion’s second wishes with Pax x3, its a great value card
Pyromancer x3
Remove the Staff of Y’kir x 1, it adds inconsistency to your deck
Craft a third Whispers of the sands
Remove the Wind Slicer x1
Windstorm Obelisk x3, Health is usually always better than attack damage especially since your deck shows no sign of aggro
Falcius x3, :neutral_face: its a good card man
Inner Oasis is usually too clunky to run so remove
Replace the Orb Weavers with Allomancers x2 atleast
Sand Howler x3 is decent
Entropic Decay is usually underwhelming seeing that you have to be close to the minion. So remove
If you are lacking dust you can try replacing it with Sand Trap x 2 its a decent underated card in my opinion
Wind Shrike x3 is decent enough seeing that you dont intend on using nuetrals.
Starfire Scarab x3 is a good enough finisher if unanswered

This is in my opinion what i consider a good dervish seeing that i am a free to play player.


You need Falcius and Pax in every Vet deck I think. Both are extremely cheap to craft.

If you are going for dervish synergy, I think fireblaze obelysk X3 is a good thing to include. Especially if you are running wind slicers.