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Flawless Vanar deck?

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m not exactly the best Vanar player ever, and neither do I play Vanar.

But I just packed 3 FLAWLESS REFLECTIONS IN A ROW. I wish I was joking.

I wanted to disenchant them but then I realised… Why not play around with Flawless Vanar?

So here I am on the forums asking people for decks. I really am desperate.

You just need Gravity Well, Ghost Seraphim. GM and Snowchaser help too.

Rip me, 3/4 of those are legendaries. Welp, that means im gonna start opening ancient bonds packs now

I was doing that to get certain cards for a Songhai deck, but stopped because AB is going to get rotated out soon and I am not sure if you get the full spirit back.

it is over a year before AB goes, you have time.

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Whohoo, time to start some Songcanyst then! Now if only I had some gold to spend.

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