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Flawless reflection Vanar

Just to introduce myself (i’m not a huge contributor of the forum, but i read it a lot), i play duelyst since 2016 with a lot of pauses for studies purpose. I try to play all factions, except Magmar sorry guys i can’t, my favorite one being Abyssian.

Now i want to get into the Vanar faction and change my current aggro/burn Vanar deck.
I’m looking for the Flawless + Seraph combo, which i guess is not meta but seems really fun to play.

Here is the decklist i want to try:

I’m completely lost with the deckbuilding and all the possibilites that the Vanar faction has.
Do have suggestions to improve it ?

I don’t have the dust to craft it right now, so it’s pure deckbuilding for the moment.

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@epicflygon take a look, i never enjoyed reflection enough to play it, do you have a critic for it?

from the way i look at it
-3 mentors.

  • 1 sotw (wincon by itself)/
    +1 hunt.
  • 3 razorback.

you could always include callers or conjurers which are great.

I’d say the list is very good. There are some optional preferences, like conjurer, mentor, aspects which one may play or avoid, but your deck is decent.

Thanks for the feedback guys !
I put mentor in the deck for the curve and the hand management.

Razorback could be a good remplacement to provide another win con. But i don’t understand the +1 hunt since one is enough for infinite minions, could you explain that @snowshot ?

What rank are you playing at?

Lately I’m having troubles with late-game oriented lists. They either get crushed by aggro or by trial decks, so I’m not sure you’re having lot of success with this…

it’s not really lategame oriented it’s ramp. Also with the fun wisps you are in the lategame when they are in the earlygame ! :smiley:

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The list seems very good but reflection is just god awful.

I reccomend adding Blue Conjurer and Cloud Caller as they are both very strong.

Probably cloud caller because there is not enough low cost spells

I’m a gold player, the objective of the deck isn’t to perform in S-rank obviously haha

I though reflection had the potential to be good, mostly because it can have the role of a removal and a win con. Should i forget the card and invest in cloud caller instead ?

Invest in Embla stocks instead, she is good.

I have Embla already, but you talked about Cloud and Conjurer. I think i miss your point

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Embla is really strong right now so play it but definitely craft Cloud Caller over Reflection as it is actually good.

I will try reflection when i will be more experimented with the faction and when i will have the dust for it.

I tried to adjust the decklist with your comments,

What do you think about it ?

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I would go sotw or walls not both.
Which means - either embla + luminous + razorback or seraphim + sotw.
So… i would drop seraphim and sotw for +1 hunt and +1 lominous and 2 conjurers.
I would even replace healing mystic with aspect of the bear or fox to transform wisp or remove threats.

The reason for +1 hunt is that you’re not always in need for draw and you will replace it when it happens.
But you want to have 2 for more chance to replace into it when need it.
That’s about it.

P.s - vanar’s wincon are usually game enders - embla win games, seraphim win games (depends on your position) so no need for both in the same deck.


if you play this set do it with jax. Razorback wont get any stronger. and then stick to walls (or jax) and end with razor. otherwise this set isnt at its full potential.

Jax is only really good as a midrange threat, the impact isn’t that strong in a list like that.

turn 7 you finish with jax
turn 7 you play seraph
I think it suits to what this list looks like and razorback is finishing it and also supports all kind of walls. So I think its pretty decent to play jax within this set up.

As someone who has messed around with lists like this it isn’t needed as Embla and Seraphim are all you need to win the game, if you want other late drops EMP is the next best thing as it answers their board and puts a threat on your own, while Jax puts a bunch of lousy 1/1s that are easy to answer on the board.

Embla + razorback
Luminous + razorback or jax

Eitherway you dead, beside the fact that no one will play mass removel when covered in luminous walls.

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This is what I would do.

First of all MDG > Crystal Wisp > Chromatic Cold
Blue Conjurer is insanely strong and should be ran in every lategame list.

2 drops are uneeded and the ones you play are for their strong effects.

+1 Seraphim as that card comes earlier than Embla so you want to see it more.

Bumping up Endless Hunt and Luminous Charge as you want to see these more often.

I’m a massive fan of SoTW (infact it’s my fav card) but cutting it as it’s uneeded in walls.

Cutting Frostburn as it tends to be underwhelming but bring it back in if Brome decides to peak his head in constantly.

Hailstone Prison is the best removal card in the game IMO far better than CCold which is underwhelming now. (Don’t use this on Malicious Wisp, it’s really bad.)