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Flawless reflection Interactions?


how does flawless reflection interact with prismatic illusionist?
does PI proc first or flawless?
asking for mnemovore/intensify memes.


The Illusion should appear first.


Also, after witnessing during a Twitch stream last night:

  • When duplicating an inactive or exhausted minion with Rush, do not expect the copies to be able to act on the same turn. Rush only activates a minion when it is summoned, not after a transform effect.

welp, that’s disappointing.

i wasn’t even gonna touch that, but that’s sad


But it could be different, just do some testing in practice or sandbox mode.

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Of course, it effects things that are already active. The Rush interaction would rarely every happen as Reflection is an expensive card so you can rarely play something as well.

Rush of course activates the unit so a Rush unit can still attack after Reflection.

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I don’t think this is quite right. I’ve been meaning to do more testing on these sorts of interactions for a while, and this evening I performed some experiments in Sandbox. Here are the results:

It looks like all that matters when doing transformation is the activity state of the minion being transformed. So using, say, Aspect of the Bear on an active minion at the start of your turn will give you an Ursaplomb that can both move and attack. If you move with the minion first and then transform it, the Ursaplomb will still be able to attack something adjacent but not be able to move again. Aspecting an exhausted minion will leave you with an exhausted bear.

The rules are completely the same for Flawless Reflection: regardless of what you’re copying, the activity states of the transformed minions are preserved. In particular, it’s irrelevant if what you’re copying has Rush. I think it used to be the case that the activity state of the target minion was what mattered instead, but I believe this was changed in patch 1.93. However, since this was also the patch in which they nerfed Seraphim and killed the main Reflection combo, this update flew under the radar.

The same is true for Aspect of Ego, but a couple more subtle interactions do come up: if you move a minion and it’s not nearby anything, it will appear exhausted, but will be able to attack if you transform it into something with Ranged. Similarly, transforming into something with Celerity will grant you the extra movement.

For copies generated from scratch (by Fractal Replication, say), they’re just treated as fresh new minions and hence will be created active if the original has Rush and inactive otherwise.

Something else I confirmed along the way: Aspect of Ego can’t get you Mythron rarity minions (which is maybe alluded to by the patch notes saying that they’re “excluded from any pool of generation”). The main place this matters is that eggs are always turned into Rae and not Hideatsu. (Someone had told me this before, but I was confused by the fact that Mythrons can be summoned in the Andromeda boss fight).


Wow, thanks for the thorough testing and very clear explanations.
I don’t think this invalidates my statement, but you put it in a much more detailed manner, exposing all the underlying logic.

I’m going to steal this precious content and put it in the wiki, if you don’t mind.


wow this is pretty useful! thank!

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i suggest we give this guy here a custom badge… if it even matters anymore

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