Flashbang battle pet, Neutral card


I made a battle pet sprites months ago, and I just want to show this.

I know… It looks burning hot donut. But still cute to me. :blush:
What I thought is
1.Cost 3 3/2 Opening Gambit / Stun Ranged and Blast minions.
2.Cost 4 3/1 Dying wish / Dispel Ranged and Blast minions.
Not a Ranged, Blast Banning and makes battle little more closer and risky. When I thought it was before Vetruvian ruled, and 2 Songhai card getting nerfed.
I wasn’t sure it will be good design for Duelyst so I didn’t finish till death animation.
I also want to know if animation lacks something. Thank you.


What’s with the blue bar? The attack animation is also clipped; it just sort of feels incomplete.
Anyways, this card probably won’t see much play outside of gauntlet, and even considering that it would still be worse than average.


Blue thing is moon shaped charger. I think design is quite not recognizable. It seems attack wasn’t finished. I thought it will be more engaging closer combat, not everyone side by side till the 0 deck. Perhaps you think it will make game boring, or worse than other cards or methods existing?


Is that Lunatone & Solrock doing the horizontal mambo?


The card is mostly bad, because there are many better removals for ranged. Every faction has one, except for vetruvian of course, but even if it was added to the game people would use Ephemeral Shroud instead because it can dispel anything, and has an imminent effect. The card is too slow to be viable, and even if it sees play it will be extremely unreliable.


great effort on the design man, +1

but sadly such cards which have huge restriction will rarely see play.

take crossbone for example, blast is rarely played, then why not pick crossbones then? because most decks don’t play ranged and even when they do play ranged, some decks can remove them with 1 mana, so basically what nelf said but still great effort.


Exactly :smile:


I got that only Songhai use bunch of Ranged, and Blast by Vetruvian. Sometime 1 or 2 Ranged might come out but as u said shroud or other dispel cards will do. I should think twice next time… thx.


Thank you, that pixel animation was harder than I thought. I should consider what card existed will do better work.


It reminds me of sea anemones, which I dislike due to how weird and ooey-gooey they feel.

Apart from my bias, the animation work is extremely well done though. Nice job :slight_smile:


flying doughnut w green teeth and 5 tails… I think I had enough internet for today…


I don’t know what effect give to the card,

It should have forcefield imo


I honestly thought that it was a sea anemone. It was a donut?!


Kinda looks like an um…
Think there could be better colours for the main ring, but the animations look really nice.


Thank you :slight_smile: I got inspired by some jellyfishes… love their cute&gross lookings.


Burning well-done sea anemone if u say so.


I could look for some creaturelike color isn’t it? Thinking to modify and finish it.


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