Flash reincarnation rant


Just watch and enjoy the fairness of this card.


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Fairer then Cresent Spear


Im not a ranty guy, im just tilted by this game and the fact that such an absurd amount of ramp is possible.


Not at all. Spear can be countered, nothing can counter flash+decispike/makantor


The application of flash is more broken, but the Spear’s existence in itself is overpowered before even considering what it does.


Tbf this is another in a long line of low quality (the topic, not the merit thereof) posts that will likely soon devolve into sides arguing to the point of pedantry.

But sure, Flash is broken and has been since Beta, Spear similarly has no business being 1 mana as whatever it’s intended purpose was, it now serves as nothing more than a damage amplifier for direct damage burn lists that honestly had way too much damage to begin with.


My favorite kind.




you had the option to dispel the vindicator turn 1 or simply not walk into reach of it but you chose the greedy play because you’re playing a deck that can and did threaten lethal on turn 3 with soul grimwar and then again on turn 4 even after the flash makantor. if what flash enabled your opponent to do is imbalanced you’ve got blinders on if you think what your deck did that game isn’t equally so.


Do you realize that if i dispell vindicator i would loose so much tempo that i would have loose anyway? Do you realize that i used 3 turns to build my so scary board? Do you realize that magmar has the best matchup against swarm, yet he wins because of the combos enabled by flash? But yeah here the op cards is grimwar that actually requires q very well set up board (Yes board, what should be the center of this game).
Btw im done, i know this is an uncostructive thread and so on , if a moderator can close it , lets do it please.


Cresent spear am i right? >:C


Wasn’t that 2 turns (before Makantor)? :thinking:

Lesson of the day. Always play around Makantor, even before 6 mana :slightly_smiling_face:.

Flash + Makantor = 4 damage
Flash + Decimus + Spikes = 9 damage
Vindicator + Spikes = 9 + 3 = 12 damage

Remember that walking into Vindicator range is the right choice :+1:.


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