Flash Reincarnation and Morin Kur/Twin Fang


I remember someone saying that Flash Reincarnations 2 damage is counted as damage dealt by your general. I tested it in sandbox, and Flashing out a minion when you have Morin Khur equipped DOES hatch any eggs that you have. I am in agreement with everyone that Eggmar still needs some more support before it becomes a competitive archetype, but anyone trying to experiment should definitely remember this interaction. This makes it possible to double hatch a minion. If you have a Veteran Silithar on board, that is 12 damage burst not including your general attack. Also could be useful if your opponent is running away and you have nothing to smack.

I assume that Twin Fang would be the same but I only have 1 copy and it didn’t come up quickly enough when I was testing in Sandbox mode. It is worded the same so I don’t see any reason why it would not.


twin fang does trigger on magmar ramp effects. there’s an entire deck built solely around that interaction


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I have played around with this a lot, Once hit someone for 21 damage with Veteran Silthar and Morin Khur. It is reason I say Veteran Silthar would better at 2 health in a sense.


Yes exactly, you need them to die.


I wonder if Killing your own units with flash while White Asp or Spine Cleaver are equiped will summon things.


That is going to be hard to find out without insane luck from Grincher’s RNG.


i think somebody tested that and if you have spine cleaver, it will summon a totem under your control (which will damage you)


Flash Reincarnation chunks down Vet Silithar to a 4/1 though so it dies as long as you are attacking anything other than Structures or the few 0 ATK minions


I have a deck right now based off of Twin Fang; Kujata and Flash Reincarnation all tick their damage separately so you can get some very huge attack gains. For example, you play two kujata then flash out an elucidator (5 mana, lol) you will proc Twin Fang 5 times (once from second kujata, three from Elucidator which dies, and once from the general damage that Elucidator deals when you summon it).

I’ve been using Twin Fang a lot, if you have any questions about it just ask.


Yeah but the 3 Health keeps it alive on the second hit. Against stuff like Ziran or Vaath or just artifacts in general thats when it shines you can do stuff like this

Veteran Silthar hit the enemy the Veteran dies turns into egg,You hit the enemy with your Morin Khur your Vet comes back,You hit the enemy again Silthar your Vet dies turns into egg, then you either Flash something out/ Wild inceptor/ egg morph to get another hit.

It is one few case where having more health hurts the minion in away.I feeling though if CPG gave Magmar a 3 mana rebirth minion and 5 mana rebirth minion the archetype would be fine.


What is the interaction between Morin-Khur and flashing out, say, a rex? Rex dies immediately to the flash, leaving behind an egg. Does that egg get hatched immediately?


I don’t remember I will test out tho.I am leaning towards it doesn’t hatch being that Rex is destroyed after the flash reincarnation.


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