Fishing for Mechaz0r with Z0r, new trend?



Just curious, on my nighlty grinding tonight, I’ve met some players, Magmar iirc, that were playing Z0r, and Z0r only.
Seems they were fishing for Mechaz0r and actually, it worked maybe a couple of time.

What is this ? Seems odd :confused:


I’ve never seen it happen but looking at the cards I guess it is possible since Mechaz0r has the Mech tag. However, something in the back of my mind says that Mechaz0r is a token minion and probably shouldn’t be in the pool of minions that Z0r can get. Guess its research time and have a deeper look into it… tomorrow, since its already late here.


Of course it’s possible, I’ve spent countless seasons to do it with my Zirixz0r.

That’s not the question, what puzzle me is I rarely meet someone playing *only* 3xZ0r as Mech minion in his deck :slight_smile:


Ah, well I’ve never seen anyone get Mechaz0r with just Z0r in all my time of playing. Maybe, its just some random wincon within an already solid deck, where sometimes you just high roll, get him and win.


I guess they want to play MechaZor! without committing too much deck space to the archetype? Maybe? I guess?


I need to dig my matches archives, maybe it was just coincidence, or good/bad luck if I haven’t seen any other Mechs. Or maybe I dreamt and exagerrated :confused:


I just played a match where they needed 1 more and dropped a Zor… and it did not spawn the big M. He did spawn another MZ part and dropped him in to crush my hopes and dreams but that’s a whole different topic :smiley:


i dunno if someone did it already, but a janky Magmar mech deck with Grimes, Khymera and z0r that goes all in with the goal of netting multiple Mechaz0rs would be funny if it all goes off…


Wait, this almost sounds like Hsuku!

Randomar, the Magmar deck where everything has a random effect!


I can certify that Z0r does occasionally give you a Mechaz0r. I was shocked to say the least… and I’ve also lost that match :joy:

  • got a Z0r with Astral Flood
  • got a Mechaz0r via death wish

So yeah, apparently it’s a thing.


Nobody is reading the words, not even the devs :frowning:

I am not asking if Z0r can give Mechaz0r, we know that, I’m using it for seasons … and yes, it works, it’s confirmed from a long time now.

My question was : is it a new trend to play ONLY 3xZ0r in a deck with the hope to get a lucky Mechaz0r of it ?

I mean, it’s 1 chance out of 7, less than 15% … less than 43% if you play the 3. There are countless better 2 drops :confused:


you were playing at 1 am you probably dreamt about it


You sure it wasn’t the case of those cards that put a random battle pet in your hand like inkhorn gaze or something like that? I know magmar has that too (razon skin I believe?)


Took me some time, but found it !

I think I have another somewhere in my match archive out there, but this one is confirmed : 1 Z0r played, no other Mech, one Mechaz0r drawn from it :slight_smile:
(and got my ass handed to me)


Looked like the Magmar deck was some sort of Twin Fang buff deck. Z0r looks like it was put there for extra draw for a minion while allowing an early 2 drop to come down. With Mechaz0r being a bonus when the luck goes that way. An interesting idea to add Z0r into the deck and not something I’ve seen before for that deck. Was more surprised to see Songweaver being played though as that is a card I rarely see.


Do you still have the replays? I’m trying to imagine scenarios where it would work, but no dice. I don’t think anyone can say if it’s a trend until someone sees it in the meta decks tho.


You have one posted above, took me already some time to find it, that’s enough to me :slight_smile:


Oh, i didn’t see it. real sorry. I should have refreshed this page before i posted that.


Maybe a meme player?


mhmm yup that’s dirty @_@ I guess he’ll just use it as an extra card to replace if it’s not mechazor?
sword and cannon seem like pretty good targets for buffing too though. I think i’ll try this when i get a magmar quest and see how well it works.