First Youtube Channel about Duelyst in French!


Hi guys,

Pixizz and I decided to make the first Youtube Channel about Duelyst in French. You can find below the link to our first video which is the first part of our review of Denizens of Shim’zar :

You can find in the video description the grades that we gave for every single card, so feel free to check it out even if you don’t speak French.

For people who don’t know us yet Pixizz and I are both regular S-rank players, I am a TCG veteran while Pixizz plays Duelyst since the closed beta.

We are not expecting a lot of view since we don’t know if there is enough French speaker in the community, but we hope it will be useful and entertaining for some of you. If you know anyone that could be interested feel free to share.

Thanks in advance and see you around.


Oh, and I thought I was the only French dude. Going to check this out.