First time on the forums and would love help navigating <3


Well yeah so im an occasional rank 10 player but i never felt the need to come check the Forums, didnt even know it had an official one :’(


The forum isn’t too hard to navigate. This is my first and only forum that I frequent. Just looking at your front page, new topics will automatically be loaded up. If you are looking for something more specific(EG: Decklists) then scroll to the top of the main page, and select Categories->Decklists, then all->Whatever Faction you want.

I think that is pretty much all there is to it, if you have any more specific questions please ask


Im starting to figure it out, thanks tho :smile:


I dreaded the forums the first few times to be honest, I found it very chaotic, but tbh when you just go with it and let go of the fear of missing something it’s alright.
I still would prefer it ‘old style’, but it’s ok.


Welcome ! Really isn’t hard to navigate through here. iMO, it’s the easiest to naviggate forum I have ever seen.