First time Diamond Rank


In only my 2nd month of playing I was finally able to get into diamond rank!!! So I’ve been super excited about that however I realized something today and wanted to ask for clarification. Do you no longer get win streak bonuses in diamond? Or do you just need a bigger streak to accumulate the bonus?


Winstreaks aren’t a thing in diamond at all, to kinda prevent ‘lucky’ players from getting into S-rank.


Congratulations, well done! That’s quite a feat imo.


Thanks it honestly came from me just grinding out becuz of how much I loved this game after first playing it. I’ve always mained Songhai and when I heard of the baconator combo I thought S rank would be easy to achieve. Funny thing is I cannot win with that build to save my life. So I said forget netdecks and everything I see on manaranks and went to the lab and created my own deck. No tusk no meld and low and behold I’m in diamond now :blush:


It also makes getting to S all that much more of an achievement. Congrats on the diamond!


Some netdecks require very specific playstyles and knowledge of the matchups. I’m happy to see this in duelyst too. Congratulations on your achievement!


Congratulations! You are faster then me, today i get in the diamond rank and i played for 3 season before this(this is the 4th month)


Just got into Diamond after a 10 win streak ^^ … planning to let a few days pass, then I’ll concede untill I reach back to rank 20 lol. I have no shimzar cards ( not even one :stuck_out_tongue: )


You can’t drop divisions bud. Once you’re in diamond, you stay here till end of season.


phayze, unless Diamond is a title, I doubt it. I can drop back to rank 15 anytime I want :stuck_out_tongue:


No seriously, you won’t be able to drop back under 5. The games ranking system won’t allow it.


yea @phayze is right all the big ranks (silver, gold, diamond, s) once you break into it you could lose a 100 games in a row and never drop below it.