First Card to Craft in Immortal Vanguards


Should only craft one, This will be the most game breaking card in duelyst Totally Awesome. But note in order to effectively see this effect at full power you must sacrifice a faction card. I wont spoil anymore but looking forward to see your response in near future.

ENJOY and HAVE FUN :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s gonna be sick to see what they do. Definitely the first thing to test, WINTER’s hints have me pumped



But what does it doooooo

Does it turn azure heralds into spinecleavers? Structures into ghost azaleas?
Or does it turn hailstones into +4 attack token artifacts
Or void talons into +6 attack mask of shadows?


It’s been said that these artifacts are on the same level as Variax’s Awesome power, so we’ll see :slight_smile:


we gotta wait n see the devs never disapoint when they hypeabout fun cards…variax broke the game on release so high hopes for this too


The first card to craft in Immortal Vanguard should be homeostatic rebuke. The second should be saurian finality. Maybe if we all play nothing but Magmar Counterplay will figure out that there’re a card or two that could stand to be nerfed.

…Makantor warbeast to 3/5 lavaslasher to 4/6 homeostatic rebuke to five mana saurian finality only heals for six only reduces your mana by two and the enemy’s by one only gives one attack power mana cost down to six.


Hey man wanna call for nerfs after the cards have been played with for a few weeks instead of literally hours after looking at them? Thanks man


Maybe Surgeforger? Probably not going to be meta, but at least it’ll be fun.


Sorry, but, in this case, no. Those two cards look like a reptilian nightmare from where I’m standing. I can’t even begin to see it any other way. No rudeness meant to you or anyone, but I will remain brutally pessimistic on those two cards unless and until proven wrong. We’ll see.


Eh theres always at least 2 cards that get nerfed from every expansion. Theyll get around to it in a month or 2


I don’t fully get it. So, if magmar playes this out and sacrifices their 2 mana 6/1 minion, does the general get a +6 Attack artifact?


Yes. A +6 attack artifact with a special ability.


And I suppose that effect is different depending on the faction of the minion forged to an artifact.


On that note, I wonder if it’s unique based on faction, or the minion used to craft the artifact; does said artifact inherit the keywords of the minion?


Reliqurian is a very heavy minion, with a frail body of only 3/3. I don’t think mere keyword buffs won’t do justice; I’m presuming the effect to be of a similar magnitude with Variax or Kraigon. (With the attack buff as well.)


You really should not be worried about this card this is a fun card obviously thats not going to be meta similar to Variaxx, Juggernaut and friends.


Its my favourite card in terms of pixelart within this expansion…i realy hope that it will be payable


The nerfs you suggested would destroy the card and it only JUST got released. Second, it’s the perfect card to put the cancerous, and un-interactive mantrahai in check. I’m so sick and tired of playing against an opponent running away and transforming my minions into pandos, putting in 0 effort to develop board, then nuking me for 12-15 hp on turn 8 while healing for 6-8, then finally finishing me off with grandmaster zendo; which, even in the case it doesn’t kill me, makes me lose a turn to run away. Finality is the only card Magmar players like me have been praying for, a cost-efficient defensive card protecting us from getting wrecked by self-cycling/ insane tempo plays that just seems to be the staple for songhai (mantra), abyssian (Spec Rev.), and even vanar (walls + flawless refl), playing earth sphere simply loses too much tempo. (3 mana or heal 9 would make it a good card)


Well this card was fun day 1 of expansion when everyone testing stuff now its trash decks just full of too much damn removal

Make Sunriser 3 mana 3/4 plz and thanks