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Firestorm Mantra S rank, August update


Can you make a deck where Storm Kage will do something?


To add to this, is it possible to make a viable minion based control songhai list that is not Ebon Ox?


While non trail minion decks other than Aggro have taken a bit of a backseat, this doesnt mean those are avenues that can’t be explored.

So some of these lists have fallen out of favor, either due to nerfs or simply stagnation in the meta but they deserve some talking about.

Th key takeaway here is that none of these lists, despite having the synergy for it, rely on cards such as Bandit and instead either prefer more stable 2 drops. All of the lists also adhere to some simple rules.

  • Run Healing
  • Have Dispel
  • Pings are important
  • Reach is important, but so is the ability to close out games very quickly if needed, either via Zendo or KE pushing damage.

Personally I think you can take away certain things for all of these lists and have a competitive deck but I have a feeling Kaleos might still be superior for his defensive play and how cards such as Thar and Flamewreath are situated in the meta.

My gut says cards like Dioltas paired with Wreath could do some work with a Zendo/KE topend to pressure Trail decks. In particular I’d like Dioltas for its Vaath applications as I’m concerned about that matchup if not properly respected, though again, the combination of key threats, healing and dispel can carry you there.

I’ll mess around and see if I can get anything to stick.

@phoinexflame Kaga is a card that’s fundamentally flawed given the game’s current design but my inkling is if you wanted to make it work I’d use a shell with Manakite Drifter and possibly Sarugi as well. Will report back.


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