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Fine tuning my Vanar Deck

I just started playing again, and I’m trying to fine tune my old Vanar deck. I’ve already made some changes, but I’m afraid I made it worse.

My win condition is generally the arctic displacer. Whittle them down enough for it to finish the job. Spirit of the wild was supposed to help that or at least be secondary win option, but i haven’t been able to keep enough people on the field for it to be much help.


First i would change over to faie second i believe the meta is to fast to try and set up a wincon combo like that unfortunately you will get out tempoed before you set up shop look up the bagoum tier list faie is top tier now look at those lists and use that as a guideline then if you want to add some of this stuff in feel free :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I think Jax Truesight is very good with Kara. If you BBS before hand then you literally get double the combat stats, meaning it survives Skorn. Still dies to most other AoEs so make sure you take this into account depending on the matchup.

Also synergizes well with Razorback which you are already running. I remember I played a game against a Kara that Hailstone Prison’d his own Jax Truesight so that he could resummon even more next turn. Very hard to deal with as you need to decide to wipe his current board, or hold onto your AoE(if you even have it) to prevent him from doubling down.

Glad to see a Kara player, I agree that she has been kinda on the down low, but I don’t think she is nearly as bad as most people generally make her out to be.

If Arctic is your main wincon, then add some more supporting cards to take the best advantage of it:

  • 3x Hearthsister, to drop your Arctic at a corner, then switch positions, to the opponent’s face.
  • 3x Iceblade Dryad, same idea, drop it a a corner, then make it FLY.
  • 1x Aspect of the Drake, to turn one of your wall into a Drake, and make Arctic fly again :slight_smile:
  • 1x Lightning Blitz, quite situational, but there’s a reason why it’s Epic.

If Arctic is your main wincon add 3 of them in the deck (its low casting cost won’t make this awkward) and add a Huldra or two to get that surprise damage/reach :slight_smile:

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Right. Huldra is good too :smiley: I really like this card

i would add enfeedeble the new spell from the bbs expansion it turns all minons into 1/1 then yea other general and maybey 1 late game removal

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