Finally Rank Diamond :D


Duelyst has been such a fun experience for me. Only a few months ago, my friend introduced me to duelyst, (as he played it as a small hobby), and I got into the game so fast. Making friends and vsing difficult opponents always make the game fun :D, (that guy who summons mech on second turn >:I) Until I reach S-Rank, wish me luck ^.^


About reaching S-Rank, I don’t think it’s much about luck but more about patience and resilience to boredom :slight_smile:

Gratz on Diamond btw :wink:


true that, i got bored using the same aggromar, and canceReva when i got to rank 2; created my own decks and eventually ranked down to 5. Most of my losses came from making Grailmaster work; failed miserably but it was a fun experience :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile:


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