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Finally made it to S-Rank!


As the title states I finally made it to S-rank! After a few days of being stuck at rank 1-2 and tilting like no tomorrow, I broke my S-rank cherry for the first time :). Here is the deck list I used to ladder.


And it was with a swarm deck too. Definitely something you don’t see a lot these days. Not bad, not bad.


Not bad at all. The decklist seems decent enough too.


Good job, even though I dislike Swarm archetype a lot.


I’m pretty good with Abyssian and i would like to try this deck. Kron’s been nerfed, any ideas for a replacement? Maybe Juggernauts?


Reaper of the nine moon should be a good replacement.


I’d love to give this a try, but lack Kron and Vorpal Reaver.

Any ideas for replacements for these cards?


I’ll check it out, Solus looks good too with all those Wraithlings from the Reaper.


Congratulations man! Nice job and deck! Keeo it going! :smiley:

I actually think swarm is a grear archetype to ladder and get to S.


No offense but I just tried this deck and it got stomped 8 games out of 8.

Absolute garbage in the current meta. Either that, or I’m just piloting the deck completely wrong.


I’m pretty sure I did no such thing. You sure it wasn’t someone else?


I’m sorry mate but I think you genuinely have me mixed up with someone else.

Sorry someone caused you such distress.


If you have no proof you shouldn’t call him out in here.


Necro and nonsense - this calls for… MOD ACTION. (80s music plays in background)

If you wish to discuss the deck or your own feel free to create a new thread!

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