Finally Diamond! - Sajj Deck Explanation and Gameplay


Hey everybody! I started playing the game when Vetruvian was OP (november/december last year) and then I stopped playing until Steam release not so much ago, I began playing with Vetruvian as always and manage to get silver 14 due to short time of august season but after the expansion release Vetruvian become more powerfull and manage to build a deck with these new cards. Now finally reached diamond thanks to this Vetruvian buff and the help of some deck guides from users in the forum, here is the deck that I’m using

Got Diamond today :D!!

I’ll explain why each card is in my deck and how I manage to use them to rank up, also I leave a gameplay of a recently close match using this deck againts a similar Sajj deck.

Scioness Sajj: Playing with this deck helps you a lot to have her BBS to clear enemy minions easier.

Siphon Energy: Well not to much to say here, in this meta you want to have as much dispel tools as possible to quick react against the enemy buffs, provokes, dying wish, etc.

Scion First Wish: This card buff your minions and also helps you get another card, its like having another replace for 1 mana.

Healing Mystic: It helps to keep the general alive while using BBS or saving last rounds trades with a 2/3 body and healing its a must have for me.

Pax: Its maybe the best pet that you want to have in this deck because it has a 2/1 body and when it dies releases 2 minions with 2/2 or the enemy uses a dispel and both cases are a nice trade, I always cross fingers to have 1 at least in first round.

Primus fist: It helps to clear minions faster and keeps the presure in the board.

Pyromancer: It works better in the first rounds. Keeps the enemy thinking about him due to its blast and can help to clear enemies without risk. Great candidate for first wish. Also a dispel magnet.

Rasha’s Curse: Becomes useful if enemy uses artifact like Arclyte Regalia or Ghost Azalea, in my case it was already too late for me when they use these artifacts so it helps me to clear enemies or deal lethal due to the 2/2 rush dervish.

Falcius: Its a great minion with a 3/3 body, 3 mana cost and that your general doesnt take damage this turn synergy well with BBS to deal 8 damage to a minion without risk.

Psychic Conduit: While seems very situational, I found it useful against mostly Songhai’s minions and battle pets.

Wildfire Aknh: This artifact helps to clear minions without risks and maybe doing lethal thanks to Falcion when the enemy makes a minion wall with low health end game.

Allomancer: Its a great dispel candidate while I was preparing to release the big ones, works great if gets its purpose to leave a random obelysk.

Dioltas: Great 5/3 body and the utility when it dies to keep you safe or keep the enemy close. Also if the enemy dispels it is also a win for me.

Lighhtbender: I keep 2 of these because it realy helps to dispel enemies while leaving a 3/3 body, I mostly use them for shadow creeps.

Inquisitor Kron: I guess everyone knows why of this card but for those who doesnt, great 5 mana drop with 4/6 body, provoke and can summon a minion after you replace a card every turn (if survives). Helps a lot to take control of the enemy and mostly win games if the enemy doesnt have a dispel, spells or minions to counter it quickly.

Nimbus: A must have for every vetruvian deck, not only has a 3/8 body but its utility makes the enemy think twice before attacking it or regret of using dispells early on.

Spine Cleaver: Its the most annoying thing that you can deal against, even if its just 1 bloodfire totem that you can make, it bothers a lot or it even kill the enemy. I use it to clear low hp minions or negate dying wish obelysk from Allomancer, you kill it and leaves the bloodfire totem only.

Sunset Paragon: Another situational card but that help to clear buffed enemys against Kara mid/late game minions or Lyonar buffed enemies.

Zen´rui: Mostly used to take control of enemy pets or Obelysk, also often to take the only minion that the enmy has like Songhai´s minions before they can buff them.

Aymara Healer: Helps to regain control of mid/late siuations with its provoke, also if not dispelled recovers you 5 hp and the enemy takes 5 hp damage when it dies.

Circle of Dessication: It can make you win a match if you already have some bloodfire totems or obelysk around or give you a chance and maybe a comeback.

It´s my first post making a deck review, maybe its not the best but I hope that can help someone to either use it or to try to figure out how to counter it.
Hope you enjoy it :smiley:

PD: sorry if my english is bad, is not my main language.