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I took a more authoristic approach to it, rather than the style in which they are normally written


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wait so the chapter where they introduce the dance of dreams or am i missing something in the codex?


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The dance of dreams is introduced early on and mentioned throughout. Its more of a plot point than a spell though


Yeah, I figured that as well, but was wondering if there happened to be some sort of dedicated chapter or lore snippet I managed to miss. It’s kinda bittersweet to know there isn’t.


its gone into the most detail in chapter 3


“It’s cold outside,
but warm inside,
They called it frostfire”
-piece of a common doggerel

It was cold,
But not normal cold.

It was snowing too…

It was… Simply too much cold, unbearable.
Was it because he didn’t had shoes?

He sneezed as he slipped trough the little web of streets, shops and little parks typical of the merchant district.
All was silent, none would step outside of the warmth of their houses, away from the so lively and delicate dance that the fire provides.

The snow on his tight mantle slowly melting.
the white tissue started to become more and more of the color of ashes.
His cheecks hiding in the hood
wrapped by the thick red scarf.

There was a timid smile in his face, as he looked at the red staff he was carrying on his left shoulder, he was almost there.

The door opened with little to no effort, he knew she was waiting,
As always in this time of the year.
They grew together, they knew each other like they were brother and sister.

He left his mantle at the entrance,
As he removed the hood a mass of black hair flooded on his shoulders.
messy, but still dry.
The staff left on the ground.

She was reading, her eyes studied him as he entered the room.

He stared back, holding his emotion the best he could.
He was waiting, preparing himself for the little ritual he knew she still remembered.

the little thing they did since they were but little kids
that would have made him really home again.

She calmly flipped a page.

“How was the light?”
“You are a pervert”
“Happy frostfire”
“Happy frostfire”.

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People of the Light :snowflake:

Snow was falling, lining the vast expanse of Windcliffe city with a delicate trace of frost. The cold was bitter, and it bit at Argeon’s nose as he stepped out to the grand alcove of his watchtower. In this altitude, the entire city came into Argeon’s view. Feeling the frigid wind with his skin, he let out a sigh, his breath steaming in the cold air. He set down his mug of warm spirits on the ledge.

“May I join you?” A voice called from behind.
“Yes, Zir’an.” Argeon said, staring off into the distance. Zir’an walked up beside him.
“I remember the great speeches you have atop this watchtower. They would fill our soldiers will quite the courage.” Zir’an mused, looking around.
“Yes. Good times.” Argeon replied, without even looking back at Zir’an.

“Is something the matter?” Zir’an asked with a puzzled look.
“No, no. It’s nothing like that. It’s just… The sun’s getting shorter. Winters are getting longer, and my soldiers are cold. That is all.” Argeon said, soulessly. Zir’an cocked an eyebrow.
“What are you insinuating? Are you doubting the strength of our people?” She questioned. Argeon took a drink from his mug.
“I only prefer it if our soldiers could fight under a light.” Argeon consented. The burden of a thousand men lay heavy on his words. "It is nights like these I wish for the sun to rise."
A gust of wind blew past. The night grew quiet. Conversation stopped.

“Argeon.” Zir’an said, breaking the silence after a while.
“What is it?”
"Look below us. What do you see?"
Argeon took a glance at Zir’an then down at the city.
“I see our people.” He said.
“And…” That was when Argeon finally noticed. A thousand glimmering festive lights, shining through the darkess. Its embers illuminated the night and flashed along the distant horizon.
“You don’t need to look far for light. It is already in all of us,” Zir’an said, smiling. “That’s why you mustn’t worry. Even if it’s cold, even if it’s dark, our people will stay brave. They will always seek their light, so you should too. It’s the season to celebrate, remember?”

A short moment of silence past. Then, Aregon began to laugh. It was a warm, hearty laugh, full of soul and hinted by alcohol.
“You never change.” Argeon said, chuckling.
“I believe that to be one of my best qualities.” Ziran admitted.
“Do you realize how arrogant you sound right now?” Argeon pointed out in amusement.
“Well then. Let’s go back inside. The hour is growing late.” Zir’an noted, turning back and heading towards the gate.

“I’m sorry.” Argeon said, solemn all of a sudden. Zir’an stopped in her tracks. “I’m sorry for losing trust in us.”
“All is well.” Zir’an said after a moment, walking back in.

Indeed, all was well.

Author's Notes.

I suddenly felt like writing this, so it’s quite rushed. Nonetheless, I would still like to congratulate myself for writing my first ever fanfic, although it may be shit. Anyways, thanks for reading and happy Frostfire. :christmas_tree:

Final Duelyst Lore Contest 2017 Community Poll

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We should do more of these. Writing a fanfic was fun.


Translucent Dreams in the Deep

Shar is no place for merrymaking. But once a year, the purple gloom of the underground city turns blue. Not of magic, nor that of fire. But of pure light.

Maehv was looking out of the window. The little troublemaker had just turned five, and was already a complete pain for her mother. Love, for the Abyssians, is a feeble thing, found only in momentary glances and whispers between the caregiver and the younglings. But there was love between the two. This love had allowed Maehv to build up a great deal of courage, far more than many of her kind possess in such a young age. Because of this courage, Maehv often ventured beyond their little cave, always watchful to not step into the paths of the Inxikrah.

Maehv had a favorite spot, three stone’s throw from her home. There she had built a tiny barn out of rocks and inkhorn, and decorated it with the green blood of a Rust Crawler her mother once caught for her. In her barn she would play, and imagine herself to be a great queen of the Abyssians, rising high and tall, more powerful than even their Unborn Grandmaster.

As Maehv was looking out of the window, she noticed a dim blue light coming out from the direction of her barn. This was no light of a soldier, far too bright for that. Maehv was out in an instant. She leaped across bushes of Shadow Creep, crawled through a thin tunnel that no adult could have fit in, took two fast turns and there she was already.

This was no ordinary phenomenon. Around the barn were colors. In the black and purple world of the Abyssians, color was not a thing which would need a name. There was just “dark” and “darker”. But unknown to little Maehv, in front of here were now gleams of white, dim yellow, even hints of orange. But growing most were the shades of water, of milk, and of mirrors.

Then Maehv’s heart skipped a beat. In the middle of the waterfall of colors, stood a figure. Even Maehv knew what that was, so often heard from distance but so rarely seen in the warm, humid depths of Shar. Then, with no sound, everything turned blue. For a moment, Maehv could see everything in a single spot in front of her eyes. Another moment, and everything was black again.

Lilithe jumped on to a platform at the Highnail, where she could see across the whole western half of Shar, all the way to the Blighted Lands. Just in time, too. Below her, there appeared an ocean of blue beams as tens of Juggernauts started their mating ritual. Two minutes went by. Then all the light was gone, save for the purple lanterns that are so commonly used in the Abyss. “Well, merry Christmas for me”, she said aloud. But inside, she caught a vague feeling, almost like a dream. She knew that at that moment, something very important had happened.

Final Duelyst Lore Contest 2017 Community Poll

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Damn, I write fanfics but haven’t a single clue as to duelyst lore. Away to the codex with me!


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Oh yeeees, only certain fandoms tho, mainly TV shows, writing some Wally x Artemis angst rn


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