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Final 2017 Duelyst Lore Contest


With the year almost over holiday cheer is already spreading and CPG has given us an early Christmas present! What better way to give back than with a present of our own?

End of 2017 Duelyst Lore Contest
Prompt: Holiday(s) in Mythron

Write about spending time in Mythron during the Holidays!

Contest Rules and Information

  • 100 words and up
  • Submissions must be Holiday based (Holidays from October - December are preferred)
  • Contest Submissions only allowed for this thread, Each contestant gets only 1 submission (edits allowed)
  • Period for Submissions is from November 1st 12:00am PDT - December 31st 11:59PM PST [Time Converter for those not in PDT]
  • If more than 10 entries are submitted the top ten will be determined from January 1 - January 4
  • Community poll will determine Top 3 and will last for 3 days following either jury judging or submissions deadline.

Formatting of post should be as follows:
Flavor text

*1st place: Loremaster Title, 3 Spirit orbs, place in jury of next Duelyst Lore Contest
*2nd place: 2 Spirit orbs + place in jury of next Duelyst Lore Contest
*3rd place: Spirit Orb + place in jury of next Duelyst Lore Contest

For any Questions, Comments, or Concerns please message me or any of the other Jury members or feel free to voice them on the dedicated thread for Duelyst Lore Contest Discussions. Otherwise we look forward to whatever wacky things you can come up with this time. Stay creative! :jack_o_lantern::gift::tada::poultry_leg::two::zero::one::seven::grey_exclamation:

[Codex] Duelyst's lore : Bloodbound Vaath or Hax Vaath?
Possible Duelyst Novella?
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Alrighty, submission time period is now officially open from now until the end of the year (December 31st 11:59 PST)!

Please make sure to check what time that would be in your time zone so as to not miss the deadline. We look forward to your stuff!

As a reminder, the prompt this time is to create a piece on spending the Holiday(s) in Mythron.

Make sure to take a look at the Codex for inspiration and whatever cultural clues you might be able to pull from them. Aside from the codex, the short lore pieces on some of the minions/spells are another great source of canon lore and I hoghly suggest that you binge read a few of them before you make your entry!


I’ll reserve myself a slot, so long as I can use my limited knowledge of card unlocked lore since I haven’t read past dance of dreams on the codex (which I like as a story)


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I felt stupid post that story alone, and no one likes it anyway, that’s why i deleted it. I still have the backup tho if you want me to post again, or i’ll wait til someone post his/her story first.


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Ok, here i go again.

The story theme is halloween.

The Trapped Soul

I … I don’t remember who i am…

I don’t know where is this either, it’s dark and cold in here. I don’t remember how long it’s been, but i keep walking and searching for way out, or at least a light that could lead me. I feel like i’ve been walking a thousand miles without finding a single hope. I feel no hunger, no exhaustion, like i couldn’t even feel my own body. Sometimes i think i would go insane if it keep like this. Well i’ll rest for now and continue to walk tommorow.

The next day, i wake up and… there is a light!.. This is mean i’m not blind and somehow i’m in a cave with the torches lighted up. There are white crystals everywhere in the cave. Then i start walking around to see where is this. Somehow now i can feel my own body, i raise my hand and i see a white pale arm in front of my eyes. I heard my own footstep echoing in the cave. And then i stopped by a giant crystal in front of me, i saw a reflection… a reflection of a young girl, her skin is white pale with turquoise hair and light purple eyes. There’s also something that look like a scar on her face. Is she… me? She looks a little bit different, but i know that is me.

And after realizing that, i feel like my head really hurts and would blow up. Every memories appear in my mind, everything that happened… Everything… Now i remember who i am… . I am…

Suddenly i blacked out… it’s starting to dark again… i feel like SOMETHING trying to erase my memory… erase me… no… NO!.. i don’t want to lose this memory again… NO!!

I… I don’t remember who i am.

For people who don’t get what the story is about, here is the explanation :


Make sure you read the story first.

This is a story about Cassyva Starstrider, the original Cassyva.
Somehow after the inxikree ate her, her soul is still trapped in there. Even though that’s not her body anymore, she want to take her life back. But of course the creature will never allow that happen.

Thank you for reading.

Final Duelyst Lore Contest 2017 Community Poll

I almost made an entry but it was borderline shitposting so I decided against it. It was about a Magmarry Christmas, where they eat Makancheese, and build a serpentree. they would adorn a dead serpenti with cylinders and horns and glowing green slurry. When made with enough love, it’ll come to life just like Frosty the Snowman. And that’s how Amanda the Armada was born.


Just post it.
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I backspaced it already though. Besides I feel like it’s in bad spirit to shitpost for orbs xD especially for things lore-related


For all yeee Americains out there, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We’ve has a wonderful round of submissions this past year and I look forward to whatever you can come up with happy serpentis only pls!

For all you newbies to the Lore Contest, i’ll be reserving my likes until after the end of the submission deadline so if you don’t see any likes on your post (or feedback for that matter) then you’ll have to wait until the deadline rolls over.

Thanks again, -MMF

P.S: Don’t forget that you can win FREE orbs by entering and placing in the top three!


Oh, before I forget, only current judges aren’t allowed to post for prizes. That means that winners of previous competitions (barring the one right before this one of course) can post and have their submissions counted towards the final count.

If any current judges do decide to post, it’ll be for the sake of providing an example or their love for writing Duelyst “Lore.”


Hope you guys had a happy Black Friday! Make sure to tally your loot and get ‘em ready for Christmas!


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Sorry, I made a submission but it was bad.
Also please pm me on suggestions on how to make it better or if it conflicts with any lore.
The Settling Feast (thanksgiving)

Sorry if you take your lore too seriously, but the holidays need levity and humor.

“What? A feast? Why wasn’t I invited?”
- Irudex the Scorched, warlord and tyrant of El-Gamesh

In the midst of the Great Tables of Lyonar stood a perplexed Argeon. He had never been a host to so many, and from all across Mythron. At least a thousand nobles piled in hand over fist for free food, followed by fashionably late generals.

After the Bloodbound bring their cores home from the tournaments and are rightfully paraded as heroes, the Senerei Council holds a feast to celebrate the ongoing peace, and squelch any animosity between factions. This event is known as The Settlling Feast, and Argeon was hosting it for the first time.

And it was going great, for the most part. Argeon sorted every guest by nation of origin, and put them in the corresponding table.

At his side was Z’ir, his favorite general, and right-hand-man.
‘This is supposed to be a feast of peace, sir?’ Z’ir inquired
’Yes, but the tension could be cut with a butter knife’ Argeon remarked with dread as he looked about the teeming feast-halls.
‘Hmm, i agree… I noticed the nobility all have bodyguards.’ Z’ir remarked with a smirk 'They must think we’re barbarians.'
Argeon couldn’t contain a chuckle.

As the people settled down from a long day of eating and drinking and parlor tricks, Argeon rose to give his speech. He dreaded this moment. He usually left long flowery speeches to orators, and they left all things militaristic to him. He’d rehearsed his speech a million times though.
‘Hello everyone.’ His words were followed by an uproar from the crowd. ‘How was everyone’s food?’ Another roar. ‘I’ve never hosted a dinner for anyone but my war counsel before this, so I’m quite glad that no one has been unruly thus far’
‘It is a peace event after all!’ someone shouted from the faceless mass of nobles.
‘That it is,’ Argeon rebounded, not wanting to lose the momentum of his speech or, ancestors forbid, be drowned out by the ceaseless chatter of nobles.'and we put all things aside for this…

After he finished his speech and everyone left, he was tired. He walked along as cleaning staff set to work on a mess that seemed like an army of infants marched through. He opened the doors of the hall and walked out, invigorated by fresh air, and walked back to his quarters. He hopped into his bed and fell asleep immediately.

Thank you for reading

Final Duelyst Lore Contest 2017 Community Poll