Fighting the swarm


Swarm, swarm everywhere !
I know it, I’m part of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to build a deck with unusual cards, but it’s still at the state of “concept”. My target cards are :

Any ideas ?
Which faction, which other cards (Skoooorn) ?
With Lyonar we have Tempest, Enfeeble/Frostburn with Vanar, Ghost Lightning/Panddo with Songhai … there are so many possibilities, I’d like to hear your advices :wink:

Death to swarms!
Day 2 Let's Compare: Crimson Occulus vs Venom Toth

Necrotic Sphere and Lightbender can help after Variax has been played. The problem is that you are using a card and a good chunk of mana in order to combat your opponents BBS. You will run out of cards, and be outvalued after just 1 or 2 turns of dealing with them.

I think the card is problematic. There is nothing that can beat it lategame other than very strong burst, or just playing very aggressively from the get go. As a control player this saddens me. Even if you get your win condition set up and start pumping out the value, your opponent will just remove it and you will be back to square one with an empty board, whereas Variax continues to generate absurd value even after it has been removed.


Chunk em out early, finish them off at 8 with Fireblaze + Stars Fury for an unholy amount of burst


Ok, I shouldn’t have talked about Variax.

I’m more interested in building a deck, even gimpy/goofy with the aforementioned cards than exactly fighting Variax …

Forget Variax, please don’t turn this thread into another Variax-whining one. Imagine it’s just about swarm fighting, could be dervish, zoo/pets etc. Let’s keep this a “decklist” thread please :wink:

Imagine if you pull a Venom Toth + Aegis Barrier on P1T2 or P2T1, how bad would it be for a swarm deck (for instance Abyssian/Lilithe, Vetruvian/Oblelysk) ?


Ghost Lightning/Panddo? More like Deathstrike Seal/Panddo. It sounds like a gimmick, it is a gimmick, but it’s a very fun gimmick.


I’m not pointing combos here but just listing spell useful as a basis. I understand the vanar sample may be misleading :slight_smile:

Ghost Lightning by itself is useful versus common 1/1 swarm, and you can synergize it with Alkyone and/or Crescent Spear for more juice.
Same with Battle Panddo, still efficient by itself vs 1/1, but nice combo with DSS sure.


You’re in my head right now! I was thinking about Venom Toth to help deal with Swarm (primarily Variax) and thought about using it in Lyonar with Aegis Barrier. All of Abyssian’s removal options, save Necrotic Sphere, are single-target, so putting it far away with an Aegis Barrier could maybe do some good. Doubles as a Bloodmoon Priestess punisher.


Perfect, that’s exactly the point of this thread ! :smiling_imp:
I have it into my head too, but dunno where/how to start, now that I have contaminated you, something gonna arise from it :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously anything AOE. Count Bonereaper.
Bloodtear can ping low health stuff like wraithlings and Bloodtears :slight_smile:
Magmar has frenzy stuff.

Abyssian can fight swarm with swarm :slight_smile:.
Keliano. So little damage taken.
Bloodmoon Priestess. Your swarm is mines.
Shadowdancer. Stop killing yourself :laughing:


Bonereaper … Lyonar … DB … I see a pattern here :wink:
Something like this for a start maybe ?

Couldn’t fit Crimson Oculus in, need rework :stuck_out_tongue:

Obvious wincon : DB on Tombstone/Bonereaper/Ironcliffe
Tasty opening T1P2 : Slo (tile) + Venom (on the back) + Aegis (on Venom)


I would try ironclad on abyssian in a dying wish deck. Put in unseven to get your ironclad out, and rebirth or sacrifice if you want the effect.

For oculus and toth, if spinecleaver counts as an opponent summon, vet could be an option. Otherwise, songhai for inner focus, or a ghost lightning for wraithlings while there’s a priestess to deal a bunch of damage like in a daily challenge.


Forcefield sounds terrible against swarm in my opinion.

I myself have been considering a “mortar” idea against swam with
Frostbone Naga/Sunset Paragon and Aerial Rift. Add some Tempest (as you already have) and that seems plenty.

Aerial Rift + Lightbender would serve as an alternative to Ironclad, equal mana and card cost, trading body #'s for immediacy.

I like the Venom Toth idea, haven’t touched it in forever myself. Why not your Crimson Oculus suggestion over Azurite Lion? Idk, I’m kinda biased against them; never seen them actually been able to utilize their Celerity.


Nice ideas here, please continue refining :slight_smile:

I had a huge disappointment when I realized I only have 2 Aegis and I’m a cheapskate, so I’m not testing it so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Azurite Lion is one of the top 5 2 drops in the game.

They threaten tons of face dmg due to roar and db being twice as effective, can act as rearline removal, are perfect holy immo targets, can retreat after attackting to preserve a body etc.


Variax is the real offender, please go back to the thread talking about her! No need to make a thread like this.



Vanar has some pretty nice anti swarm options outside of enfeeble + skorn.

There’s the good old fashioned glacial elemental/bonechill barrier combo as well as sleet chaser/boundless courage. Aspect of the mountains is nice too. And frostburn ofc!

You could also try a blast/zephyr + spinecleaver Sajj deck but from personal experience blast is pretty easy to play around.

Having planar scout to parachute in a sunset paragon or a bonereaper could be funny.


Read again please

Considering I started this thread, I think I know what I want to talk about :wink:
Feel free to move away instead of bringing back this topic here.


Should have added #sarcasm I guess :smiley: I just enjoy it when people always expect Variax when Lilithe is played and are surprised by other kinds of plays (I’m a Lilithe main). Nothing wrong with the thread really!


some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battlecry

…and I will be moving along now.


Venom Toth + tempest vs a surrounded, non-variaxed blood moon priestess? Pls sign me up