Fifteen Characters


Any chance we can get a game that requires tactics and thought to play?

Getting real tired of brainless, unanswerable, out-of-hand damage.
Why have a game that has movement, positioning, or any tactical anything if you’re just going to put cards in that can’t be played around? There’s literally NOTHING you can do against out-of-hand damage.

I’m done if this is the way CPG is taking Duelyst. I thought this was going to be an excellent, tactical CCG.
It’s getting to be beyond frustrating to be constantly let down in my assumption.

Yes. It’s a rant. Lock it. Remove it. I needed to express it.


Yikes. You’ll make it, dude.


8 games in a row. Magmar aggro. I’m done.


I mean other than magmar most of the other factions have to have more set up in order to have crazy out of hand damage. Songhai does have the whole innerfocus bs but that needs a minion with 2 or less dam to have been played which usually locks out the possibility of combing it with buff spells. Things do get crazy late game though, but at that point both players should be a turn away from killing each other.

Rush still hurts though


Ouch. I guess magmar is officially the new hardmeta? It’s rush’s always been a problem, but RoB and even shimzar have made them crazy easy to play :cry:
camt hashtag so hashtagfeelsbadman


I personally would like the idea of a thread/post where anyone can just express there rants and complaints. Just one, like the idea of a bubble where everyone can let go of their frustrations Office Space style. No grounded logic, no replying comments of, “that card’s not really a big deal”

Every once in awhile it’s nice to let out that steam without responses of why we’re wrong. Yes we might be wrong, but sometimes we just want to say it. :smile:

More on topic though, I already hate Magmar, but that might already be known :laughing:


Sounds like my previous rant, in my opinion it isnt the developers fault only. I also blame the players who come on a VIDEO GAME to just net deck what is the most uninteractive deck thats shortens the length of the match and uses it. I wouldnt mind a little aggro here and there or a little uninteractivity although in my opinion if EVERY card was interactive then it would be healthy and it would be strategic like chess with back and forth never knowing who could win. I dont know… its just disgusting to see lazy players who never take the time to build there own decks and have a little fun in a game just cause its “competitive”.
Needed to rant a little too about not Duelyst exactly cause its still fun and sometimes interactive unless ur vet against decimus. But i feel the need to rant about the community that resides in these Ccg


I created one a while ago if you want to go there.


True, to spin this into a more positive direction, it ultimately resides in the players who decide on playing brainless/stomp-deck decks.

Developers clearly looked at having their bit of fun. A text description of “Your BBS is now AWESOME.” is pretty good evidence of this. The issue from the design perspective is that the design usually comes from the mindset of, “wouldn’t this be fun to play” moreso than “how fun would this be to play against”

At least that’s how I believe cards would generally be designed (myself included when I consider card design)


Though it certainly doesn’t help when devs make cards that help aggro metas become the norm. Seriously I’m not sure what the rationale behind giving magmar crazy buffing/damage potential in thumping wave or the 2-mana mini spiral (memory’s failing me).


Especially when its given to a faction that already has millions of ways to remove threats and deal damage while keeping tempo.
I think this is why few players actually main magnar for its magmarness rather than its overall goodness


Stepping away from Magmar, I’ve been getting extremely frustrated with Abyssian cards.

Void Pulse - general gains 2, enemy general takes 3? For ONE mana?! Pheonix fire takes 3 and it costs two.

Grasp of Agony - As far as I’m concerned, this is a mini Holy Immolation. And for how much again? ONE.

I’m sorry, but why so much Abyssian (and Magmar) love? I wasn’t here much pre-RotB, so anyone can feel free to explain it to me. Additionally, if people have ways of dealing with these two cards, let me know. Sick and tired Abyssians fantastically dirt cheap spells.

Completely separate, the cards I was wanting from RotB are in the very last orb pack. I’m in a glass case of emotion!


Void Pulse deals 2 and heals 3, Grasp of Agony is conditional. But yeah they’re really really strong.


If you find yourself repeatedly losing to a certain archetypes, then you probably should either tech against them, or play a deck that specifically counters them.


Yea, just had a game (as Reva, vs Lilith) dealing with 3 kelaino, 2 shadowdancers, 2 early game cryptographers, 2 punish, a void steal. Repeat, FIVE kelaino/shadowdancers.

5 turns of constant sustain answer or get hit hard cards (kelaino and shadowdancers). What am I supposed to do? Turn after turn after turn of sustain. This isn’t rant for sake of rant, legitmately, I’m seeking answers here. I think about 75% of my games right now are vs Abyssian.

Rant -> Why does Abyssian have 2 sets of almost identical strong sustain cards in kelaino and shadowdancers? Really tired of Abyssian having so many nice things :expressionless:


Suprisingly void pulse only recently started to see competitive play, its not that bad but i think it should atleast heal 3 deal 1


Ya’ll need to chill out. I don’t even run Grasp of Agony or Void Pulse in any of my Abyssian decks because I’d rather have higher value cards than dump a whole bunch of 1 cost cards and auto lose when we hit six mana.

Kelaino is pretty crazy strong if they can get some damage off, and it wouldn’t be crazy to nerf it. Shadowdancer has never really been op, and is often considered inferior to something like Four Winds Magi. I still run it in some decks but it’s often just not as good as Kelaino, and both takes too much space.

Burn Magmar can blow you out when you get to half hp, but can be played around with positioning and getting their health below comfortable Elucidator range, or keeping a provoke nearby.

TBH it just sounds like you guys don’t play threats. If you aren’t playing threats, you aren’t effecting the board, and you’re just waiting for them to kill you.

The best way to play around Grasp is to spread your minions out. Play around Void Pulse by punishing their lack of cards and pressuring them.

I don’t wanna say you guys complain to much but the meta’s far, far more balanced than it sounds been in the past, and far more fun to play as well. Variax doesn’t even see much competitive play anymore, and I beat Magmar 9/10 times, they don’t see that strong.


FeelsBadMan, I only have the advice I always give people: play Healyonar and laugh at all those free heal procs.


I also beat magmar the majority of times and thats with vet, you see the issue with your “advice” is that it only panders to lyonar players or players who just switch to whatever faction is strong which im guessing you are from the statement of playing threats or provokes. Not every deck can just “play threats on curve” nor do they want too. Also we are not complaining from losses my friend we are complaining from the toxic environment that aggro magmar brings to the game, i personally see no issue with abyssian but i do see an issue with uninteractive aggro decks. I wanna see you “bring threats to the table” when your opponent plays decimus miles from your general and follows up with infinite gazes and spikes.
Ps. Your vet


The value of those is already pretty amazing for the mana they cost. Conditional or not, to see a 1 mana spell like Grasp of Agony realistically hit for 3 to 6 (mayyyyybe 9) damage is fantastic. It’s a mini Holy Immolation at a discount price. Do grasp and void not provide fantastic value for their mana? You just stated you run higher value ones. If they are high value, and you prefer higher ones, that only speaks about the state of Abyssian.

Shadowdancer op? No, not really. I can agree. But kelaino and shadowdancer together, and, it means the potential for 6 cards that are, as far I see it, identical/similar enough to have to answer to.

You can’t develop a board when Abyssian has things with the likes of Punish and Ritual Banishing on top of the other sustain/control cards they have.

Honestly, you can feel free to add me and check my last two games. The last one was a good match, I messed up and could’ve won. The game before was the most bs I’ve seen in a long while.