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Hello everyone, more than a year since I play this game and it’s the first time i’m really not happy for the changes. I consider the game now a “pay to win” game (exclusively the ranked portion of it), since there is a lot of disadvantage for those who only use the gold to buy spirit orbs and thus build new decks. I can no longer play ladder against players who have the new cards, they are infantile options for the new META and trying to reach top places will be impossible.
So I’m confined to play Gauntlet until get bored of the game… so sad…


As a fellow F2P player, I actually liked their approach with the new orbs system this expansion, it seems to me it’s easier to get your hands on the new cards then it was on Shim’zar.
I wish I could disenchant stuff tho…


I’m going to straight up disagree with you. The majority of my collection was earned through gold(I pre ordered Shimzar and got a few of the deals, but the rest of my collection I earned through gold). I have all the cards that I’m comfortable with and can compete with the top ranks of the game. If you really need a deck you ladder with to the top ranks normally Tempo Argeon, Faice, various Mechazor, and Aggromar/Midrange mar can take can you there cheaply. But new expansion so I have no idea what works and doesn’t right now.


Im F2P and I consistantly make diamond with a non meta deck. Sorry but the only advice I can give you is that you should’ve saved up some gold before the expansion :confused:


Mind elaborating on which cards are the most problematic in the ladder?

I have used my old deck to hit a 6win streak in gold after today’s expansion. I even managed to Beat a Variax Abyssian, which I consider the most problematic deck.


Aggromar, turns out they got a bit too much burn. From what I’ve seen they play very fast, good refill options while burning you, and powerful rush finishers.


So lets see if I have this right

-You don’t want to pay for stuff

-You are mad that people are spending money and you are falling behind them.

So two notes

  • The people spending money are paying to keep the game going.Basically it is like complaining about the food when your friends are taking you out to eat for free and you are broke.

  • This expansion is very F2P friendly if you just played everyday short period and save all your gold.You would have enough expansion.That what I did I had 80k save up .Log in do your quest for day and play a little for fun.Sadly this use to be as short as 15 mins sometimes but CPG changed questing system.

The game has provided you entertainment for one year but spending 20 dollars to help yourself and keep the game in business is too much.It shouldn’t even be 20 dollars if you were saving up some gold


Pay2win? Where? I haven’t put a single dollar on the expansion and I’m only two orbs away of having every card.
I didn’t even do my quests everyday.

The ability to get all cards of an expansion is something that many members of the community have asked for, and I believe it’s the right choice to create such an option on an expansion that doesn’t require much farming to complete.
blocking the disenchant is actually what you should focus on: it means that people can’t chain buy and disenchant the cards. That’s made to prevent pay2win. CPG has thought this through with free players in mind.


Didn’t spent money on this game.
I’m actually laddering with a deck with 2 legendary cards (and only 2 new expansion’s cards, autarch’s gift), i am rank 8 with a 5 win in a row winstreak (and then i lost 3 plays to finish the faction quest)

The only p2f advice are:

  • FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR FAVORITE FACTION (at least when you start)
    Sub “-” if you have doubts the community will be happy to help you with advice, crafting orders and top tier decks/ sub-tier decks

  • buy one core orb a day doing daily quests

  • disenchant all the cards NON-neutral-NON-useful that do not make part of your chosen faction

  • craft all the cards you need to make your main deck (will be the one you use to get high ranks)

  • at the end of month you receive a legendary if you hit rank 10 (so 350 spirit or a useful legendary)

  • when you feel your deck suits your playstyle can go for the expansion’s orbs

Little personal advices by me:
sometimes i see people crafting random cards saying “but it’s strong”, it is just not true.
don’t craft as soon as you have spirits to avoid this, i personally wait until i have 900 spirit before crafting, even if i need a rare (100 spirit) card. This helps you understand what your deck needs and when you actually put it in you know what is DA PURPOSE of that card thus his value IN YOUR DECK, not " alone", together, you go alone in horror movies.

I’m not a magic unicorn, there are a lot of players like me. Just try and beat them good, and when you lose, you lost fighting so it doesn’t count.

That is “how to go off topic” by me.


So your upset I paid 20 dollars to get all of the expansion. Never mind the fact I lost 90% of my games with said cards cause I’m having FUN making stuff up… Plus I’m bad. I have over 1800 gold sure I could have used that but I wanted to support cp directly.

Buzz words like pay to win don’t account for that person skill level… These cards are strong but can be punished easy if played poorly. If you came into duelyst thinking you were gonna win 50-80% of ur games with Littles resources and minimal skill then ur wrong. Someone’s always gonna have a advantage over u whether it’s being here longer, getting lucky and getting certain cards early. Save up ur gold, learn to read ur opponents plays and to you can have what they have. Or you know u can give ur money to a smaller game company instead of a soulless corporation.


To echo what every else has said. Duelyst is NOT pay-to-win, it is PLAY-to-win.

Experience counts for so much more in this game than luck and better cards.
What’s the point in an awesome minion if you position/move it poorly and minimize its effect on the boardstate?

Then there is proper replacing and match up knowledge. These are things you can’t simply buy; you have to earn them and often that means losing, over and over again until you find your rhythm, and learn to fine tune your deck to your playstyle.

My first month with Duelyst I struggled to get to diamond until the last two days but on my third month I managed to make it in my first week. All the while using virtually the same decks.


Alright so, please enlighten us. How much gold did you save up before the expansion? How often did you play in preparation of expansion? Did you do the daily quests? Do you focus on one faction or are a jack of all trades kind of player? When playing gauntlet how far do your u get before you lose 3 times or do you make it to 12 wins? Are you playing smart, denying resources, positioning to avoid certain plays? Please be grateful that CP is even letting you buy orbs from the expansion that NOT EVERYONE HAS TO PAY FOR to access and understand that when you say that Duelyst is pay to win that you are insulting both the company that gives you enough gold to ignore most purchases and the player base that chooses to devote the time and effort to make their experience worth it.

As a side note, please tell me how duelyst is pay to win. You should be getting enough gold each day to afford one core orb ( or even a bloodborn orb if you save gold) which, as a matter of fact, already has cards that have proven to be viable despite being part of the OG game.


Also keep in mind that gauntlet isn’t really the most effiecient use of your gold unless you’re consistently getting 7 wins or more


Spell jammer was really the only legendary most decks ran but even that isn’t as oppressive anymore and most high rank decks only cost like 5000-6000 spirit tops.


Well, i have to say that most of the replys I liked. And I have to apologize for my early missconception of this patch, I think the fact that the new orbs cost 300 gold really frustrate me because it broke my strategy. I will be giving further feedback after trying it for a few more weeks.
For those who asked, right now my strategy is: Do quest, play Gauntlet (5-10 wins more or less) craft only cards of the decks I have in sight and then climb the Ladder. For a few months now I always reach Diamond.
Thanks for replying my post :slight_smile:


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