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Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review


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But it seems like my chip damage and my combo are reliant on burn spells and I don’t seem to be able to draw fast enough to remove and chip and still have burn left for the combo. For that matter, what would a solid combo look like?


This screenshot is a bit outdated but I assume a good combo still looks something like this:


I didn’t play much Mantra, but I believe Artihai is similar in the sense that you must remove what is absolutely needed to be removed, and don’t remove anything that’s not immediately threatening you. Also, use face. You can stabilise with Mantra.

If you struggle, you may include more kiting options. Hai has lots of spells for general teleportation. Mist walking in particular is cheap thus can fuel mantra and BRM while minimizing damage you take.

Tinker a bit. With all due respect to @eurasianjay he doesn’t have all the universal truths open for him. You may change a deck to better suit your own playstyle. And even if the deck becomes objectively suboptimal it doesn’t matter if your own wr grows. Also by tinkering your understanding grows, which makes you a better player of the archetype.


No list is ever set in stone and neither should you ever feel that any list is “finished” or “solved”. I myself favor longer protracted games, hence my preference for cards such as Cobra strike and Barrage to raise my curve and provide hand retention, others might want to be faster with cheaper spells.

You should absolutely tailor a deck to how you intend to play rather than how it “should” be played. At best I can provide insight on how “I” play and why, but not how you “should”.

Also ur wrong and I’m right.

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April ’18 power rankings

What’s the list in question? Is it the same you posted at discord couple of days ago?

This one?


Yeah, this with a cap marauder instead of the SSS. @eurasianjay I wanted to get at idea of what the deck is supposed to do so I can tinker with it to achieve my interpretation of that goal. I played A LOT of Crankyhai so I can understand references to that deck.


It’s difficult to give a all purpose response since the majority of your interaction will be with regards to your hand and their board at any given time.

In general though the game has some stages that it goes through.

Early game you’re looking to play out Prophet or Mask as p1, otherwise you replace to find removal or Abjudicators. I wouldnt keep early Mantra’s unless I have Abjudicator in hand exactly. Replacing PF as p1 is preferred if you have Bomb in hand, otherwise look to assemble removal combinations such as Gates+Gotatsu, Gates+Bomb, PF + Gotatsu, Vortex+Barrage. As p1 it’s very often correct to play your Abjudicators forward onto their middle mana tile to deny them from getting early pressure on you, allowing them free hits is generally fine as you are very capable of racing them back. Unlike CrankyHai it is vital to be in position to contest early globes as to deny them from ramping to their 6 drops as p2, Araras amd Abjudicator ar both useful in that regard.

P2 starts are more reactionary, you generally want to take center with Abjudicator or Prophet and PF their 2 drop, if unable to clear try to simply cycle a gotatsu to set up Cobra Strikes.

Midgame gets a bit more varied in how you approach it depending on the matchup. As a rule of thumb you want to try and stick and replace with Prophet as much as possible but not at the expense of removing board, if you can remove something for value, be that strike or bomb, then prioritize that instead. Always try to BBS before you cast Abjudicator for the extra free spell and do replace Vortex when doing so, even if you have Mantra in hand. Firestorm is often less a finisher and more a bridge for follow up Mantra’s or your other burn. It’s not uncommon to simply cast Mantra for 2/4 damage if building up burn in hand.

While you boast overall poor matchups against Aggro Vetruvian and Heal Lyonar, you are favored to massively favored against most other decks in the format as they’d need to either outrace your damage (unlikely) or tech in large amounts of healing and often these resources are stretched as is when trying to combat the more popular decks on ladder.


Thank you so much for this. I thought I was wasting mantras or using spells wrong. This makes me feel a lot more capable with the deck.


@owlbeastmd, @eurasianjay, @yerboijosh, guys, thx for your advice. Thunderbomb is really good. Got S today, when I finally learnt matchup dependant replaces.

Final version of the deck:

You were right, I was wrong.


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Why do these Songhai lists always run Mystic? Are they for the Lantern Fox?


Generally for the general. Pun intended.

Healing and tracey are the things that help against aggro Vet.




Bump, we need a Hai thread. I need :slight_smile:


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