Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review



How did you find these


Every link that you would ever want for these are here.


Thx man

15pretty gud


Chinese people won’t understand the joke though.


I get the reference! And I’ve never even played that game.

Also, it occurs to me that HK-47’s name is probably a reference to the AK-47. So the deck name works even better coming from you! Y’know, cause AK-47’s are Russian. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you hate guns, gun jokes, or Russian jokes, in which case I humbly apologize. orz

Edit: Apology not needed, Russian guns are a go.


Guns are no joke. Especially Russian guns :stuck_out_tongue:


Voice acting and motion capture by Alplod.


Guys, it’s working! Burn Reva is now like burn Faie - consistent and board based:

[Burn Control]MToxMjMsMzoxMjIsMzoxMzMsMjoxMzksMjoxNTAsMzoxMDk4MSwzOjExMDg4LDM6MTEwOTgsMzoxMTEyNSwyOjExMTQ0LDM6MjAwODEsMzoyMDE0MywzOjIwMjc1LDM6MjAzMjcsMzoyMDM1NA==

Do you like it?

13 wins 7 losses in diamond 3-5 currently. Superweak against Mantra and Pregnora though.

EDIT. Switched gotatsu to ghost lightning. 8-2 wr in diamond 2-3.


Not bad! I’ve had pretty solid success with a similar build (14-3 in s as of this writing):

A few key differences:

  • try barrage. It’s OP af and often preferable to geomancer in faster matchups.
  • As weird as it sounds, there’s too much draw in that deck. meta is too fast for there to be anything worth obs/bamboozling that early.
  • I tested mentor, and found it inferior to rok since it bricks hard in the early game before geomancer.
  • herald > celebrant because you already win by inevitability. herald gives you enough healing to keep pace with aggro decks and is a godsend for the cass / zirix /mantra mus.
  • fugitive is suboptimal imo. since it doesn’t go face like phoenix barrage and is a dead card before 6 mana
  • seriously. try rokadoptera and 3 tenketsu. Biggest mistake I see new gates players make now is saving up for massive lethals when two gates combos is far more efficient. Don’t worry about saving gates, between rok, tenketsu, and barrage/geo, you WILL have your combos online late game while still g8s + pfing/bombing/roking/gotatsuing early game.


Wow. Just wow.

Lots of things to think about.
Celebrant though… That mana ramp appears useful very often. I ran herald before, celebrant seems better.

Though not the most important part of the deck.

And you should try knuckestorm. It also makes the deck faster.

EDIT. Just noticed your wr. No, don’t try anything I suggest :slight_smile:


[Burn Control]MToxMjMsMjoxMjIsMzoxMzMsMjoxNTAsMzoxMDk4MSwzOjExMDg0LDM6MTEwODgsMzoxMTEwOCwzOjExMTI1LDI6MTkwNDQsMzoyMDA4MSwzOjIwMDg3LDM6MjAwODgsMzoyMDE0MywzOjIwMzU0

That’s what I end up with.

-2 Alcuin Fugitive. Sad to admit, it’s really too slow. I just wanted to make this card work, but no success.

-3 Celebrant +3 Azure herald. Celebrant + Geo in starting hand is pretty awesome. Celebrant provides mana for combos, if needed.

The problem is Celebrant is awesome when it works. When it’s unneeded it’s just a dead card. Herald is always useful.

-2 painters +2 tracers. Wanderer and furnace decks can actually have benefit from panndos. I decided it’s better just to try to kite. Additionally helps against Smash Vaath which you can stupidly outburn at times, but not always.

Without painters there’s no reason to run bamboozle. Obs takes its place.

-3 gotatsu +3 lightning. Some crowd control. And I really seem to have enough draw.

Other notes.

I just can’t play barrage. 5 mana for 2 mana effect and draw seems underwhelming. I never seem to have an opening to play it.

Mentors are still there. Bodies are good, draw is even better.

However all in all I’m unsatisfied. The first drafts of this deck contained only face burn and healing. Now the deck is less streamlined, and thus less consistent.


good deck confirmed


now replace knuckle with ThunderBomb and you have a actually good deck


Maybe you are right. But knuckestorm provides cheap trigger for 8g8s effect, even without any intensify support. It’s easy to combo early.


Your 3rd knuckle deals as much as my baseline bomb, and is less versatile to boot. This is about efficiency is all.


Dunno. At 7 mana you can do 8g8s+PE+bomb or 8g8s+PE+PE+knuckle. 10 face dmg vs 13 if it’s the first knuckle.

I see your point though. Bomb is generally useful, even without the combo it has dmg and also AoE. I’m satisfied with knuckle, but it may be bomb is just better. I’ll try it.


the aoe is very important


So how do I play Mantra? I have Ejay’s list but I think I’m missing the idea behind it entirely.


remove and chip while building a combo to win