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Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review


Discount doesn’t count. Dragonlark is just a 1 mana minion. I have played about 20 ox games with skywing/lark combo and a curve that stopped at 6. A few long games had me wonder why I couldn’t play hideatsu after the combo. I learned you can see the trial counter on your general. 0 doesn’t appear on the trial counter. My game with a curve that dropped at 6, relying on this combo, revealed this to me.


Ok, that’s a bit weird


Not at all. After all Strategos does it’s thing if the base attack is 1, so the same goes here - Ox counts base mana cost.


Literally trash. How Ox was made alongside Hate furnance, Strategos and Nemeton is no surprise to me.


Only after the change though, but yeah I get it now


Btw does that mean you can otk with a Taura after playing Ox?


Hmm… That’s a nice idea, I should check it


Updated. No, the damage is discounted.

But the summon itself is regarded as being 25-cost in the list.

Now I agree it’s weird.


Yeah, it’s really just a vacuous card. Maybe next year, two expansions from now, it’ll be useable. They love that “design space.”


Yeah, but you’ve been curving out with minions all game, and you have to be at low health. That doesn’t sound viable, but it sounds hilarious.


That’s what I mean, it should work that way


Was recently playing deck with Kaido expert and realised one thing.

He thins your deck! Yeah, maybe it’s obvious, but it’s an important point to keep in mind when building a deck.

For example, I was playing with a combo oriented stab deck with lots of cheap combo pieces and draw. And I found out, when half of you deck was succesfully summoned by expert, it’s hard to find new cheap minions after existing ones have been removed.

On the other hand it may help with more midrangy stuff.

Just a note, dunno if it’s useful or not.


Something something 80+% wr through Diamond (tbf it IS Diamond though).

List feels really solid, 10/10, would wander again.


It seems like my midrange reva is out becuase battle pando is rotating so my midrange lacks the very powerful boardclear.

Any suggestions for mid range reva otherwise?


Why don’t you like Thorn as a board clear?


Everyone plays around thunderhorn.


I like him too in my deck.
Thunderhorn usually get shut down if dropped on curve without protocol.
Besides i usually like more the pando becuase it wipe up the whole opponent.


What is the health of mantra these days?

Knuckle storm + meditate doesn’t seem like enough support.


have u considered the fact that juxtaposition exists


If they play around T-Horn they play into Flamewreath.