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Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review


I want to try Arcanyst artist deck, but i dont have artist yet.
Btw, how good is Bakezori for draw?
It has good stats for KE target tho.


Bakezori is only good in Kaleos, IMO. He’s spelljammer level of good, I believe.

But Artist… I dunno, seemed lackluster during my tests. I’m sad I crafted him.


I’m kinda sad, i feel like Songhai forced to be a spell focused faction.
The minions in new expansion seem underwhelming compared to previous expansions.
Idk, my best deck mostly filled with UP and bloodbound. No IV nor Mythron. :disappointed_relieved:


Bakezori is quite OK. Decent statline, useful ability.


From what I have learned, a mech deck is the absolute worst deck to put Ox in. You want good minions to play every turn, not terrible ones.


Have to admit, as soon as I got rid of mass flight and put juxt inside the deck works better. It’s sad to admit that some cards are just inferiour to others and there’s no point in including them in a deck.

What do you think about Spelljammer vs Bakezori?

Also, now I use 3 Bakezori+2 Twilight Reiki for draw. Reiki help to refill hand immediately after most explosivee turns. Do you think it’s OK?


It’s not just the minions. Or even bad spells really. There is just so much redundancy that is skewing things to a relatively insane degree. Like, why should anyone play suzumubachi when chakri exists. Phoenix fire, cobra coil, thunderbomb and phoenix barrage all read deal 3 damage to an enemy. Innerfocus, assassination protocol but also bombard, crimson coil, now xenkai cannoneer. Onyx bear seal, bamboozle, eternity painter. Just what is up with all the reprints?


Is there any possibility of combining Mechazor Progression and Meditate + Hiogi for ~43 mechazors?


Use dusk riggers spell with meditate and qwerty and hiogi to go ham af


technically there is a possibility that you hiogi meditate inner focus and lethal with a single kaido.


True. I still feel like 43 mechazors is funnier. The main problem is that Rigger adds two more bricks into the combo, but it should be possible. Can anyone pull this off in a real game tho?


Ill try in like, 4 or 5 days


the short answer is no but also maybe.


Really been trying to play Hideatsu. Got so greedy that I tried to get 0 mana dragonlarks. 0 mana minions do not count.



Does xen cannoneer give rush to itself?


nope, gives Mechazor rush though, which is insane, as well as cannon of mechazor and BBS support.


Shouldn’t they work? Or is it because of the discount?


Just in case anyone needs.

Arcanyst Hai is still good. Due to Swarm archetypes being more impactful with Wraith crown and hated Brome, I added 3-of T-horn. My draw choice is arguable however, but I seem to not need much draw. BBS often helps with that.

Should add Phoenix Fire somewhere to counter Vanar Wisp (probably in place of gotatsu), but still good as is.


Nothing from the new expansion here, but is that bad? Oh, I added araras, of course…

Reva Arcanyst Deck Suggestions?

This looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll try it out when I pickup Songhai. Thanks for the list!