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Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review


I believe if you cast Spiral technique, it still will summon 9 mana minion, cause there are no 10 mana minions. That’s what the wording means.


Heya, guys, need help.

Can we make smth like this work at all better? Mech swarm Hai. I call it HK-47, who gets the reference? :slight_smile:

Works like crap now. Nothing lives.


LEL I do! Haven’t played swtor in forever but the deck looks promising


Doesn’t look to have any big threatening minions (except MECHAZOR).
Mechs and backstab minions are both low in stats. Maybe stick a killing edge or something.


Agreed, killing edge is a must as is xenkai cannoneer to get a rush mechaz0r using the mech spell or helm/wings around 6-8 mana. Other things to consider: second self means putting another mech on board, or giving you a 5/3 heartseaker with rush late game. I’d also consider trading massflight for mist dragon seals since it’s cheaper and helps your minions deal with higher hp minions.


Until songhai gets wall hugging punishers or force cards like abbyssians chittering tiller, backstab will have it rough no matter the support


if u mech, try second self for maximum lulz. So much flex in that archetype


@humancalc, @lectricanman, @owlbeastmd, thx for suggestions, but I’m actually looking for a way to make swarm flight memes with massacre. Mechs are not so important. Could it work?


No MDS? Extra teleport for artist?
And idk why, but when i see mass flight i feel like i rather play arcanyst (Prism illusionist + Owlbeast).
Try build arcanyst deck with artist.


Challenge accepted!

Sorry, @reignzu it just doesn’t work. 4-slot in arcanysts is very tight, no place to fit some Artists.

On the other hand I believe I’m now properly using Scarzig to play SwarmHai:

Previous Version

Current version

Still it lacks Abyssian or Lyonar swarm abilities, but for the sake of lulz it’s somehow working from time to time.


all that backstab yet you include no jux. Why you do this, fam?


There is a reason. MDS in this list is actually preferable to Juxt due to buff it gives to Scarzig.

Flight is actually underperforming so I may as well switch it to juxta after some testing. But when it works - it works really well.


yeah that’s not a reason. you want jux. Sorry, but It’s not mds or jux. It’s 3x jux 3x mds period if you’re running the 6 stab t1s. It’s minion songhai’s best card and backstab’s only way around wall huggers in the early game. Even in memes, it outclasses flight by far. Like think about t2: tile > 4 drop > jux is one of the best plays you can do. Sorry to go off, but I hate it when people pull the whole mds or jux bs as if it’s an either-or question. If you run backstab as your t1, it’s both. THEN you start building lol


Lord of the pando
Neutral minion
0 mana 0/2
Cannot be attacked
Opening gambit- summon pando equal to pando summoned to transformed this game
Trial-summon 6 pando
Destiny- at the end of turn, tyrn all pando into paddo, then activate their battlecry


They need to print a spell that warps every tile one space towards your side of the field so you pull off wall huggers and can suddenly have backstabbers appear behind them. Or just have 3 mana spiral for the back wall like vanar. My favorite thing would be a sumo/judo minion that flips enemies to the other side of it when attacking. So you can get above or below a minion and flip them away from a general or diagonally to set up different shenanigans.


So here’s my take on Combo Mech Reva. The deck is pretty simple and fun to play for me. The premise is this, mechazor with rush is a 6 mana combo using either helm or the mechazor progression spell you can get off of dusk rigger. I ended up cutting cannons that used to be in there for more card draw and because cannons, while being potentially useful as extra rush damage, are really expensive minions that tend not to stick on board. I could be very wrong about this and a lot of things. Other things:

  • Dusk Rigger + Killing edge means more card draw and face damage
  • Second self on a late rushed mechazor means doing the same thing for only 4 mana
  • Second self on a killing edged helm helps rush the combo
  • Second self on a Spell Jammer is why I chose her over bakezori

Pls give any suggestions as I’m tweaking this hard.


More assasination prots, because mechazprs frenzy basically gives it rush.


i pulled 2 Scarzigs from my Mythron orbs and i’m willing to try him out by crafting a 3rd copy

question first… if i put Ass Pro on his base form, does Ass Pro’s drawback get erased once he transforms?


No. Because it’s a different minion I guess it has no such drawback.


Actually, I almost always used his second form to clear more board, but I’m pretty sure it loses the disadvantage.