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Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review

Thank you for your readership! I actually got the inspiration to start working on this after I saw your post and decided that there needs to be a fanatic for each faction on the forums. You and kevin2hard for Lyonar, Kirabi for Magmar, atheistmantis for Vetruvian and Me for Songhai. I dunno who would be the fanatics for Vanar and Abyssian.

I dunno how that combo would work, but I too look forward to seeing people experiment with my favorite faction and find some joy in it.


Im quite sure @epicflygon is the Vanar fanatic. Need to talk with @miguelosz about Abyssian i guess. I could try abyss, but I dont have near as much experience as him on this topic, also, @oranos

I am having a hard time thinking that Phoenix Barrage is even close to meme tier let alone viable. We are talking about a Phoenix Fire (PF) along with a copied PF for an extra 3 mana and you still have to cast that second PF bringing the total to 7 mana for 6 damage. I really think there is a better use of mana than this card. When will you find the time to spend 5 mana on a 3 damage card meanwhile the opponent just played a Hamon Bladeseeker or any other powerful 5 drop?

Maybe in a burn deck it will see some play?

Gundam OX
I tried to make OX work by put it in Mech Songhai.
So far (in unranked), the battle end with Mechazor or Hamon+zendo. Because if i tried to wait more than 8 mana, it will be a big lose for me.
It is pretty hard to complete the trial.
Also sometimes i can’t keep track of what cost i have already played.

My rate to OX 5/10.

Edit : And also, this is just mech deck. I assume Ox is bad because even in a mech deck it’s hard to complete the trial.
We cant simply auto include Ox in any Songhai deck, because it need at least 7x3=21 minions or more (for the destiny effect), draw tools, and few wincon combo aside from Ox destiny.

Edit 2 :
I might try rework and try another type of deck with Ox… I still have hope for him.

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That’s what I have been saying. The trail is so difficult to complete consistently and the destiny is horrible because, one, you can’t target, and most importantly, two, you need a big minion to play along with him to get some value.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate you and anyone else that goes out there testing these songhai decks! :grinning:

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I’ll contribute since this seems to be the Songhai thread :+1:

Mask Backstab Kaleos:


So I haven’t gotten to test this much (I’ve tested the deck below much more), but I’m pretty sure Backstab Kaleos is a thing now. While this archetype still probably gets blown out by the same things that blew it out before (namely, Magmar), it can highroll a lot harder now with these new 4 drops.

Some opinions on cards:

This thing is really, really good for Backstab decks particularly. Why? It’s stupid good card draw. It draws more cards than Spelljammer, it doesn’t draw those cards for your opponent, and it’s really hard to get rid of if you do the perfect P1 T1 Scroll Bandit/Kaido Assassin into P2 Bakezori + Jux + Kill opponent’s thing. Even without that, it’s 6 HP, and you can just get instant value if you wanted to with Kaleos BBS. It cantrips movement spells. It’s amazing.

Massacre Artist
Honestly, I thought this card was meh when I saw it. But it’s actually pretty good too. Again, 5 HP breakpoint is a big deal. The effect does not require a board to make use of either. Getting a free attack with your general is perfectly acceptable. Moreover, it combos really well with the new artifact since you’ll preserve durability.

Horned Mask
Again, at first glance I didn’t think this would be good. Then I read my good man @owlbeastmd 's post and realized the potential to punish wallhuggers with Cyclone Mask. Which, Cyclone Mask hasn’t been that great (maybe because I haven’t found any wallhuggers), but Horned Mask has proved to be really quite good because Bakezori covers its weakness (namely, running out of cards). Provides solid tempo and makes your little 2 drops into bigger and bigger threats.

Kaido Expert
Haven’t tried this card at all yet. I’ve only seen it in hand once, but I’d guess it’s probably not good. I can maybe see it with Horned Mask buffing it to a 3/3, but eh. More experimenting needed.

Jungle Kaleos:


Now this is my deck. I can’t get a gauge on how good it actually is (early in the expac and aggro is naturally going to be a bit stronger), but boy if it doesn’t seem solid. The strength of this deck is its sheer uninteractivity. Early game you typically aim to chip your opponent down to 16-18 HP, then it’s all over. This deck has several late game burst combos that also leave behind big bodies. This is important because it lets you just go face and tells your opponent, “deal with it.” You get the flexibility of combos combined with just having solid standalone cards. Though, I am on edge about the…

I don’t really want this card, but at the same time I don’t know what’s better. It’s actually been pretty okay because of it’s flexibility as a ping or as face damage. It’s important that every card (or almost every card) in this deck is able to go face, so something like Gotatsu isn’t a viable replacement. Overall I’m surprised by the quality of this card (in this deck), but it still feels like something better suited to a combo deck.

Phoenix Barrage
So I really like this card. Like I noted above, it’s an integral part to the whole uninteractivity of this deck. The best way I can put it is that it’s a cheaper, more flexible spiral technique. You basically just play this to do damage and get more damage for later turns. Or you can do the 6 damage on 7 mana. Or you can replace the PF for another card. The important factor is that this is one card instead of requiring a huge combo to get the damage and utility.

Good card. Great card, even. It’s playable on the first one, and gets nuts on subsequent plays. You’ve gotta understand that +4 ATK and a 4/4 for 4 mana is really nice. This combos well with Tusk Boar. It’s 4 damage + a 4/4 for 6 mana, then 6 damage + a 4/4 for 6 mana, then 8 damage + a 4/4 for 6 mana. The latter two are good for pushing damage or closing out games. It’s also just more damage, so you can never go wrong there.

The cornerstone of this deck. It’s a 7 mana 5/5 with rush, what more can you say. Good late-game aggro bomb to go face or clear board. Almost always leaves behind a body that your opponent must deal with. It alleviates an issue with Songhai aggro, which is the constant need for combos to actually deal your damage. This just lets you say, “whoops, I topdecked 5 damage, now you’re dead.”

Overall I’m liking this second deck a lot. I’m curious to see how it performs after the meta settles down, but it’s been treating me well so far.


I’ve got very little time for doolysting right now, so have to pass unfortunately :confused:

I’ve found that kuncklestorm for 3-4 damage is usually enough. It can’t cycle itself so it’s not great. Without Meditate, its just a free ping for spell lists and the extra damage is for the reva face feva.

phoenix barrage is good tempo when it isn’t clunky. It can go 3 or 6 damage, be replaced, conserve combo pieces, Spiral damage if you have spell chip.

Kaido expert is dust. if you manage to snowball this, that’s just luck. needs a much better body given backstab should counter Starless Notion. 1/4 backstab (2) is at least useable since it doesn’t summon itself.

Pandatentiary seems very good. basically creates space, if theres 2 or less minions pressuring you. Also, P2T1 if they have no opening this could get trouble some.

meditate is not bad. Rarely a card I want to see alone, but meditating something counter-y (like Spiral Counter) in minion lists (where drawing spells already is more of a luxury) has given me the most success since it’s just your casts, whereas in spell lists, it feels near useless, since drawing damage spells to combo/win is a given and this doesn’t cycle.

bakazori cannot compare to silhouette tracer, but I’m a mantra boy.

Kensho looks like trash. hard to use with ox, excessive to use with Mantra, can’t use with Spiral. However, Kensho decks will be a thing. Meme with nothing but utility, like reva, troll the mid game with substitution, pandatentiary, protocol and deathstrike, manifest a board with kensho.

You can. You summon a worldcore

Kensho performs rather well as a late (7-mana) option in arcanyst decks. It saved me more than once, cause it allows to develop your own board while removing the opponent’s. If you managed to have some arcanysts on board by that point - it’s even better.

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Kensho looks like a trial to me, but if it pulls randomly that only cost up to 2 more (but from this wording can could pull something that cost 3 less which is a drawback?) it has potential

I believe if you cast Spiral technique, it still will summon 9 mana minion, cause there are no 10 mana minions. That’s what the wording means.

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Heya, guys, need help.

Can we make smth like this work at all better? Mech swarm Hai. I call it HK-47, who gets the reference? :slight_smile:


Works like crap now. Nothing lives.

LEL I do! Haven’t played swtor in forever but the deck looks promising

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Doesn’t look to have any big threatening minions (except MECHAZOR).
Mechs and backstab minions are both low in stats. Maybe stick a killing edge or something.

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Agreed, killing edge is a must as is xenkai cannoneer to get a rush mechaz0r using the mech spell or helm/wings around 6-8 mana. Other things to consider: second self means putting another mech on board, or giving you a 5/3 heartseaker with rush late game. I’d also consider trading massflight for mist dragon seals since it’s cheaper and helps your minions deal with higher hp minions.

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Until songhai gets wall hugging punishers or force cards like abbyssians chittering tiller, backstab will have it rough no matter the support

imageif u mech, try second self for maximum lulz. So much flex in that archetype

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@humancalc, @lectricanman, @owlbeastmd, thx for suggestions, but I’m actually looking for a way to make swarm flight memes with massacre. Mechs are not so important. Could it work?

No MDS? Extra teleport for artist?
And idk why, but when i see mass flight i feel like i rather play arcanyst (Prism illusionist + Owlbeast).
Try build arcanyst deck with artist.