Festival of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation


Temporary buffs stay temporary.
Second selfed stunned minion will come in the field stunned, then will “unstun” on the next turn exactly as expected.
Primus fist buff disappears at the end of your turn, meaning you won’t be able to use it (not tested though: Second Selfing a rush minion with Primus Fist buff to see if you can use the buff on the same turn you clone and summon your dude)


I was just thinking.

Can we stack 1 turn buffs on Tusk boar and save them via Second Self for further use? Looks like we can. But it costs loads of mana, so Adjudicator is still needed I guess. Also it reveals our Baconator plans a bit early.

Maybe I should still try it.


As far as I understand, the effects are copied with their “expiration date” copied too. The expiration process is not suspended by the card being in your hand, it still ticks.

Let us know if you find funky things to do with Tusk Boar :slight_smile:

PS: The forum software pop-up is telling me I should stop talking to you, alplod.


Don’t believe it, you should continue :slight_smile:


Well, there was this one time when it asked if I had tried using the :heart: button…

I think we all know what happened…


Second Self only copies permanent buffs permanently, the only interaction worth mentioning in regards to old Bacon lists would be copying a Boar with Killing Edge on it, other temporary buffs will expire at the end of turn.

That said I think people are building Bacon wrong and a very fun combo self version might be viable so fight the good fight.


What bacon lists would you use rn? I only made a very limited foray into baconator brewing myself


Numbers absolutely can/should change, but I think it gives off the general idea of the concept.


+100 points from me for an owlbeast inclusion!


Wouldn’t it be baconator roasting? (Or toasting)


…or broiled, even


Smoked you could say


so far 10 wins 9 losses in diamond, if anything a little spell heavy. underpreformer here is xho, so definitely a flex spot. gotatsu is good, but actually proves kinda “eh” in a good amount of situations.
star here is sparrowhawk, md seal is a staple in songhai, so an arcanyst that gives you another one with a hot body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is actually really strong.

Key replaces early are trinity wing, blue conjurer and generally Owlbeast. Xho is a suboptimal t1 compared to his compatriots but if there is nothing else, keep him. You want to destroy your opponent early with scroll bandits and chakri avatars, kinda like aggro reva, because your card draw and payoffs from board domination are much worth blowing your load.

Always attempt to have an arcanyst out at all times so sparrowhawk and trinity wing actually do something. A good t1-t2 is scroll bandit or chakri avatar into sparrowhawk t2. Really strong early board presence and mobility.
@alplod this is what I was playing earlier

https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LHR3YLK21FvjcpeD01_ Owlbeasts and good rng

https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LHRE3vMjwGs0hsPJwV- probably the most RIDICULOUS RNG FEST I have seen in a loooong time. pretty awesome.


What I would play and recommend as most optimal, gun to my head.

Credit for this particular list goes to Discord user Nelda.


No Conjurer?


Conjurer feels a bit slow for how quickly 4wm, Kindling and Chakri can put away games. Though I wouldn’t knock anyone who added one Conjurer to the list for those games that go long and you’re drawing half your deck somehow. But typically Trinity Wing is the better refill option, with BBS, Gotatsu & Sparrowhawk to conserve hand size in the mean time. Conjurer is still a great card though.


For me Conjurer is only worthwhile in Hai lists that use about 18 non minion cards at least. Like hybrid burn/Arcanyst or Mantra/Arcanyst lists.

For dedicated Arcanyst lists Trinity is superior choice.


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