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Festival of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation


Would probably add in one more MDS and KE in exchange for Kaido assassin. Helm also seems like a bad idea here, I really like Aethermaster in songcanyst decks since it gives you more controll and opportunity to get an owlbeast since its so powerful. Would also replace jammer with bakezori since you have so much movement along with sparrow.

If you are hell-bent on getting zor out, then keep helm instead of master and add in 2 spelljammers in addition to the bakezoris for intense draw, replace Magi/hawk for the jammers. Also might want to consider ASS instead of IF depending on how easily you can buff minions past 3 ATK.


Could Wings work better than Helm, or do you specifically want to have a 1 mana minion for curve? There’s just some neat positioning stuff that airdrop could enable.


I was thinking of suggesting wings but I think this deck works better as arcanyst with chance of Z0r in which case the 1 mana difference is important especially because this is a very low curve with lots of draw.

Really depends how tight his mana is but airdrop+sword/rigger+IF=cheese


@miguelosz, I find helm better for curve. Also, Wings’ attack is underwhelming, I don’t like them much. Positioning matters, however, I see your point. Also, cheap MechaZ0r finisher matters.

I tinker with the deck back and forward, adding and subtracting stuff. Now I play wings as a 2-of in place of IF (and +1 Jammer). Hard to fit everything into such a deck. Probably I should use @phoenixtoasches’ advice and get rid of Kaidos.

Also, @phoenixtoasches, you see the deck correctly. Arcanysts are the main engine here. However, MechaZ0r is very possible, especially if Rigger is left unanswered somehow .


I’m sorry, I was gonna test this deck on ladder today but there’s too much cancer and I’m too salty about it to keep playing, please CPG, make Wanderer unrampable, this is just ridiculous.



S Rank kaleos is back …i figured that my usual midrange style with more lategame and azure heralds doesn,t work in this meta against all the superior control/midrange decks


Btw, @akurane, @stormshade, is there a way to make this thread undying? Cat lovers vetruvians have their eternal thread, I think it’s fair to ask the same for Hai.


I tried to reverse engineer Vortex Mantra deck I’ve seen in S from moggin, that’s what I got:

[vortex mantra]MToxNTIsMzoxMDMwMiwzOjExMDM5LDM6MTEwOTYsMzoyMDA4MSwzOjIwMDg1LDM6MjAwODgsMzoyMDE0MywzOjIwMjQwLDM6MjAyNzUsMzoyMDI5MCwzOjIwMzE0LDM6MjAzNzcsMzozMDAyMw==

It’s certainly suboptimal to ordinary Mantra, e.g. this one from @eurasianjay :

But I’d like to tinker with kensho.

Kensho Vortex has a funny synergy with loreweaver, where the mana discount of the copy is doubled (likely to be the bug), but still discounted vortex+mantra = healthswing+silly 8 mana sht on board.

Any thoughts?


The deck is in, like, two places


Sounds fun, does kensho go off of the base spell cost or a discounted cost when applicable?


@alplod eurasian ran a one of capricous marauder instead of crescent spear. I submitted the deck to power rankings, and swapped out for crescent spear because I personally prefer just having something to give me a little bit more value over time while making the opponent have more decisions they have to make. It was listed wrong on the power rankings, but Idc because its still basically eurasians deck.

Just saying thats not exactly his version, so Idk if he likes spear over marauder. I certaintly do tho

I like kensho vortex, it seems like a good stalling gambit while you burn off opponents face and set up mantra. The biggest problems would be not having enough card draw to set options back up after blowing out on vortex


That was actually the pre-unrotation version. I’m pretty sure he’d run 3 Crescent Spears now that they’re back. And probably 0 Araras Prophets.


Alright, good to know!

I just remember submitting this version into power rankings via discord a little while ago, so I didnt know if eurasian actually liked spear over marauder. It was just what I was running at the time.


@loliconartist, I want this place as lively as it can be.

Do you have anything original to share? I know you play Hai.

Sadly, it uses the actual amount of mana you wasted for the spell. Still, large combo with Kensho and Mantra doesn’t only stabilize you, but also gives you a huge board.

I played against Moggin and he played 0 mana Kensho, 0 mana Kensho, 1 mana smth, 6 mana Mantra. 8 health swing, 5 bodies on board, 2 of them 8 mana. I believe he summoned Khymera and Dagona :confounded: Or 2 Dagonas

There definitely was at least one Dagona that finally killed me.


For what it’s worth i liked Barrage in my Kensho lists as a guaranteed way to pull a 7+4 drop on 7 mana.


@alplod I forgot I still had these original babies

these are some old bacon prototypes from just after un rotation.
first is norm bacon, second is all in bacon.
they work. occasionally.


Thx for sharing!

Is manakite any good here?


Honestly in my (limited) testing it was really strong

The biggest weaknesses of the deck is foremost not having enough mana to go full bacon on the crucial turn, and blowing out your hand. You can take this and tweak the deck accordingly, because im not the best deckbuilder.

You generally just wanna dump manakite on curve, because this deck will almost always be in a losing postition, so might as well stick it ought before you die.

Greatest part tho is people completely dismiss drifter because its never seen, and always assumed to be weak.


Btw, does anyone know how does second self work with 1 turn buffs, like SSS, primus fist or coalfist?