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Festival of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation


Artifact Hai is one of the few archetypes I take seriously.

Others being BurnHai and Hyperswarm Abyss.


Well, finally I changed HE to Barrage. And finally I’m more than satisfied with Barrage.

16-1 in low diamond currently. Guess the guys there forgot how to deal with Artihai.

Crescent Spear makes me wanna dance :joy:


Haven’t played few weeks, after i saw patch 1.96 i was exited and came back playing again.
I see some of our cards got buffs and nerfs.

The impact to Katara for me is a little bit disappointing, but that should be done because 3 backstab for a 1 mana is too much.
But hey, finally Kaido will get some love again (?).

Zendo nerf is fair imo, as a Songhai player i rarely put Zendo alone on board. Zendo is still powerful if you have big minion like hamon or marauder on board.

I see Artifact Hai get few buff, Spear is back, Backstab mask get +1atk, some normal minions that pull artifact are buffed too.

Mantra will shine again since spear is back.

Ranged archtype will rise too, i guess? Since Ki now is back and bombard is 5 mana.

Midrange teleport with jaguar is back.

Arcanyst too, sparrowhawk got a buff. I saw a few people play arcanyst hai lately.

And my most favorite deck since now mirror meld is back, the ultimate Boar OTK.
This deck still awesome in lower rank, i dk in diamond or SRank. But i still love it. :heart:


Looks really nice! Missed that that was shidai earlier. Have you considered cobra strike?

I’ll throw mine in for innovation’s sake.


Took this to top 20 earlier yesterday (24-7 in current iteration). I still think MoS has a place in conventional artifact hai, as it can double as board control on top of outright winning games. Enables you to be a bit more reckless with your other artifacts as well, baiting opponents to smash their face into your 3-4 attack skull only to mist walk + double stab them later. The 14 dmg swing is usually irrecoverable, leaving you to win with chained damage spells + general punch.

Zendo ensures you win the mirror, and can set up for game-ending combos should opponents manage to drag games out.


Cobra strike is good, but barrage is better, IMO. Costly, yes, but versatile and is kinda a 7 mana spiral technique.

I’ll play a bit more with MoS later, I guess it has become very fitting to Artihai archetype. The problem is I prefer to have loads of teleports to be as far from the opponent as possible, but MoS promotes going in the thick of battle if not used as a finisher.

Zendo is a very nice tech, but I don’t see many mirrors currently, thus I omit him atm.

@owlbeastmd, I’d like to ask, what do you think of using BRM+Shidai in Artihai lists? I see, it comes closer to MantraHai, but can it be good with artifacts?


shdai isn’t bad with brm, i just think spear and mos do more since her bbs gives more movement and tanahashi makes it even easier to run away. You could definitely make a runaway meme deck with brm and maybe even fwm for sure :smiley:


Here’s mine


Here’s a midrange deck I’m messing around with right now. You can change the amount of each minion to adapt to certain match-up’s and even replace some cards entirely particularly in the 4 slots for example teching in a lightbender against Vet.

DSS can also be replaced with KE or something other if there isn’t much swarm on the ladder although it can really dominate a board with the right minion.

Dioltas is great against aggro/midrange match-ups but against swarm or control/dispel decks I would avoid playing it.

Thunderhorn is still pretty good, especially against Maehv as you repeatedly abuse poor little Gor to wipe her board multiple turns in a row (as I did). I usually keep him in hand at all times if I am going against deck I know runs battle pets as it can be tear jerking to see it all come down (along with an MDS buff if needed).

Lots of healing to survive aggro match-ups and mystics to keep you board alive. I mainly have healing minions because there are no great P1T1 plays for this deck so I chose to stick with healing.

I am deciding on whether to cut Zendo to be honest. He used to be a great top-deck possibly cutting off 12 HP from the enemy if they don’t remove him immediately but now its just 9 which is pathetic. I know a lot of people will say “but phoenix, he was great because of his ability, not his statline!!!” to which I will say, yes it was OP when you play an EMP followed by a Zendo, but that combo is not that common. Most of the time, you depend on topdeck Zendo to finish off the enemy once you brought him down to x HP from all the chip damage you dealt through out the game. He can still be helpful I suppose, I am probably just salty from seeing my favorite card be unnecessarily nerfed, but I still can’t help but feel how weak he is now (also dies to plasma storm too).

EMP is great as always even with the statline reduction, I think the nerf to him only really hurt midrange decks who were already faltering in the pre and now post patch meta.

Important thing for this deck is keeping board and playing high value minions. Have good meta knowledge so you know what to play and what card to replace (one example, as I said before, is dioltas is replace fodder against non-aggro decks and keep/find thorn against decks known to run battle pets).

If you find a DSS, try to keep it in conjunction with one of the AoE minions or sunsteel. It can be very good clear possibly even better than OBS at the moment due to swarm on the ladder and lack of removal by mythron decks. If the ladder is none of this you can replace it with whatever is necessary whether it be KE for more damage or Spiral Technique for finishers against late game decks.

Despite all this, unless you are a very skilled player, I think midrange hai at the moment is a solid tier 2 deck so it will not be great against the current meta but nevertheless I like the archetype a lot and still enjoy those easy victories against swarm decks. Hopefully the next expansion can give some more minion support to Mr. Hai.


Concerning your deck, I’d probably use DSS with Reva’s seekers. Flamewreath is good, sure, but DSS+wreath+bbs seems too expensive.

To compensate, I’d cut Zendo for Painter.


I made this aggro deck but it turned into an OTK deck. My Songhai pcollection is pretty limited though, and i’m new to deckbuilding with Songhai.

Deck is just a bunch of cards that got buffed in the rerotation.

Second Self is really great! There’s just so much value in copying minions with really high attack stats or another Ki beholder. Unfortunately, the Coal Fist buff vanishes before you even get to drop the minion. I’ve never tried to use Second Self on Coal Fist himself though.

Still, Buffed Coal Fist has a decent statline. and with Kaleos, he becomes an answer-or-get 5 to face machine, on top of the highrolling burst damage it gives.

I know this deck isn’t at 100% but tbh idk what to craft for this just yet (Though i’m highly tempted to get decimus just to annoy vets with golem suites, and Decihorn.)


Why not reva? Her bbs seems to be more conducive to your game plan.


for the mobility. I kind of forgot Mist Dragon Seal existed :facepalm:.


I should probably check how it works before any suggestions, but…

Inner focus?


Just to mention that Hsuku recently tweaked a viewer deck (user7234’s). The constraints were Hideatsu, Astral Crusader, and a low spirit budget.
Awesome performance from Hsuku who managed to do just that and achieved the required 3 wins in a row in S-rank to validate the modified deck.

The resulting list is the following arcanyst-propelled oddity:

I have been looking for an excuse to play Shidai arcanyst for some time and I can’t resist the sex appeal of fringe decklists

It’s so crazy I’m trying to run it, although I’m having trouble with the backstab-oriented early game (I’m not good at it).
What would you suggest as a replacement? I’m thinking Plume lady Araras Prophet and Heartseeker, but I may be losing a lot in attack power.


Definitely not heart seeker. If you can afford it, you should fit juxtaposition somewhere - it’ll help with early backstabs.

Araras are good, but nothing spectacular. However with additional replace synergy you have here it may be very good. Dunno what to get rid of, though.

If you go no backstab you should use another 1 drop. I have no other suggestions, than Bandit to Araras + Katara to Bloodtear/Dragonlark.


Bloodtear Alchemist instead of Katara then.

I’m not so fond of Assassination Protocol here, it could go for the Juxtaposition instead. Scratch that, @alplod knows better and I should follow his advice.


Assassination is too good with owlbeast and t-horn. I would leave it as is if you plan to go no backstab.


Not that much, I’m no @eurasianjay.

As for me, I’d go -3 chakri +3 juxt and learn how to play backstab.


Yeah, getting good is another option.

But it’s easier to blame the cards


I proudly present stupid brew of mine. I probably should call this deck “WTF???”, but no…

It’s MechStabArcana!!!


The main appeal of the deck is that everything is synergetic with everything.


IF+Sword = AOE
Dusk Rigger -> Backstab, Spells, Mech synergy.
Bandit -> Arcanyst+ Backstab synergy.
Card draw: Backstab BBS+anything+KE, Backstab+KE, Draw BBS, Spelljammer, Dusk Rigger, Bandit.
4WM for some healing an artifact ping.

Enjoy. It’s also rather cheap.

50% winrate in low S.

Suggestions are very welcome. But comments like “the deck is all over the place” are unneeded, I know it.

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