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Festival of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation


I want just another Songhai decks dump.

Meta is in dissarray now. The best time to post and play stupid decks.

Such as e.g. Artifact Kaleos (quick and stupid draft, but working in low gold somewhat):

Feel free to post and discuss anything Songhai here, guys!

Decks working exactly how they're supposed to
Unlimited Arcanyst Works - Mythron Edition


worth anymore?


For me personally, I think Katara is bad now. Better off playing kaido assassin, the one mana cost on katara does not make it worth it.


I am glad to see you carry on the legacy fellow member of the Trinity.


I see personally the merit of running Katara if coupled with Kaido Expert. I know, it may not be the most viable deck, but it’s brilliantly fun to play nevertheless.


It does finally have abilities of 1-drop. It’s more fair for one mana.

And since dedicated backstab decks need 9 T1 plays, she will see some use, IMO.


i’d rather play healing mystic


You’re gonna have to come back and tell us about Kaido Expert. Having tried him before, he succ. 2/2 will always succ and his ability does not compensate for it.

@alplod, even in a dedicated backstab deck, I am not sure that Katara will be that great simply because other than the fact that the cards has the keyword Backstab, it has no utility. It can’t kill anything and has no unique abilities. Even trying to kill something with it would be a hassle and I would much rather prefer to use MDS or Jux on something strong like Rigger for a 5 backstab than Katara.

This is one of the reasons why no one ever plays one drops in their decks like swamp entangler (yas I said it, fite me newbs) because there is no value in the card even though it is cheap. Only one drops I can remember being played is BTA which is just really good ping and the lyo card that replaces itself.


I believe you mean sun wisp - and it’s two mana.

Other than that, I agree.


Wasn’t it one mana before a nerf? Or am I thinking of a battle pet?


You’re thinking of Slo (pet) as it seems to me. Sun Wisp was never changed in any way.


I really think the deck is bad. It shouldn’t work. Maybe it’s because of the end of a season, but I kinda win much with it…in gold. Reiteration of my good ol’ “Shoot and Run” deck

[Shoot and Stab]MToxNTIsMjoxMzMsMjoxMTA0OSwyOjE5MDQ0LDM6MjAwODAsMzoyMDA4MSwzOjIwMDg4LDM6MjAxNjcsMjoyMDI3NSwyOjIwMjgzLDM6MjAzMTQsMzoyMDM1NCwyOjMwMDA3LDM6MzAwMDksMzozMDAyMywzOjMwMDI3

With god draw I made OTK at 5 mana.


I am curious about 3 hai archetypes right now. Maybe I will test them this week. Move, Jungle, and Ramp.

I will try to post decklists later.


Move imply Jaguar.

Jungle is probably rush due to tigers.

What is Hai Ramp?


Probably something with Manakite Drifter.


Move with jaguar, flamewreath and bakezori maybe even bob.

Jungle is basically just minion based aggro instead of spells, Reva had a pretty OP deck with this before expansion.

Ramp, as phoinex said, is manakite and celebrant together to get out big bois like Hamon.


Also ramged archetype, forgot about that. Ki beholder is back which is great and bombard is now 5 mana.


tbf that deck really isn’t even bad. Grincher actually sounds really good. Only thing out of place imo is the knucklestorm


This one is better, IMO:

[shoot and run]MToxMjMsMjoxMzMsMjoxMDk2MSwzOjE5MDQ0LDM6MjAwODAsMzoyMDA4MSwyOjIwMDg3LDM6MjAwODgsMjoyMDE1NSwzOjIwMTY3LDE6MjAxOTMsMzoyMDI3NSwzOjIwMzE0LDM6MzAwMDksMzozMDAyMywzOjMwMDI3

Almost no gimmicks, just pure control and inevitability. No grincher RNG, no backstab combo, good ol’ shoot and run at its finest. And works nicely against wanderers.

IMO, the only arguable things here are Heaven Eclipse (going for barrage is probably better) and Pandamonium (but I like having an “Oh, sh…” button to reset the board).

Having no backstab synergy means Reva for me. BBS bodyblocking is often useful.

But I play both.


Sir Penti is of disappoint in u :cry: :sirpenti: