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Fenrir Warmaster as Vespyr

I apologize in advance if someone has already said this, but I tried searching and it didn’t come up. One of my biggest pet peeves with the Vanar ( my favorite faction ) is that the Fenrirs are not Vespyrs :frowning: This really annoys me when I need to deal a lot of damage and use frostfire but it still gets them killed and I basically just wasted a buff. This a mood to anyone?


Given how powerful they once were in the earlier stages of the game, I’m uncertain how I feel about it giving them more power. Unfortunate bias on my part, but a bias nonetheless.
Still, could help bring them back into relevancy, particularly considering they are a part of the core set.

I don’t think they need a buff. Playable as is

dont you know

dying wish minions dont GET health except for shaman

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I’ve been playing vespyrs since the glory days of old.
The reasom the devs are super scared to buff them is becuase they have so much inner synergy and vespyr buffs as it is that transforming a unit into vespyr may mean broken tribe.
I agree that some of the if something is generating vespyrs - should become vespyr (frosriva, voice of the wind, grove babies).

P.s - my main laddering deck is vespyr deck, which when i have the time i get to diamond 1 fairly easy with.
(But i usually don’t)

P.s 2 - for survivel you’ve got the new cryogenic spell.

Speaking of the cryogenic spell, I am so disappointed that to be exhausted a minion has to have either just been summoned or have already attacked, but at the same time I understand why it’s like that

This becuase it is a defensive buff, not an aggressive one.
Btw you can always go cryo into sotw (a great meme? The future will tell.

Fair point. I just usually use their dying wish as a way to be a thorn in my opponents side.

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