FeelsEternalMan deck


Hi fellow duelsyster,

I want to share you a fun deck based on sarlac the eterna combo with blood echoes and soul grimwar.

Here is the deck list:

I will update details soon

Have fun


I expected a homage to my person that convinced me to not put Duelyst on hold for the following months. I am disappointed :unamused:


I’ll be making an ultimate Sarlac meme deck compendium in a week or so :slight_smile: the meme has never been stronger


Try to fit Ritual Banishing.
You have a million free Gors and Sarlacs to sacrifice.

Gotta try a full Sarlac deck myself. Usually play Sarlac in my Lilithe decks anyway :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing this deck with rituals…it is really fun to play! Thanks for sharing.


I’ve tweaked it a bit:

and I’m doing ok in Diamond with it:

There’s a lot of 1-ofs in it, but that’s because some of the legendaries (I’m looking at you, Locke and Zurael) are a bit too memey to want to waste spirit on, and where there are 1 ofs, there are other cards that do the same job so we still get the consistency.

Zurael and Nether Summoning are equivalent: they bring back more Sarlacs. Spell Jammers and Rite of the Undervault likewise. Shadow Sister K & Lady Lock both stall. You could have 3 of either or any mixture of both.

Gloomchaser and Healing Mystic are Filler to get me to 9x2 drop minions.

Rot9M is:

  1. Hilarious when it pulls out a Juggernaut
  2. Good with Blood Echoes
  3. Often eats a silence, and then can be brought back with Consuming Rebirth

Shadow Dancer / DFC are your win conditions, if they don’t concede first.

I’m using DFC instead of Soul Grimoire because

  1. I haven’t got any Soul Grimoires =)
  2. I think it’s more likely one of your many many Sarlacs will be in range of the enemy general and not provoked when it comes time to go for the kill.


Zurael and Locke are in there because @sandclock suggested them = )


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