Feeling Salty about Double Baconators (yay Wendy's)


Yeah I’m just feeling a little bit salty about the Songhai Tusk Boar > Killing Edge/SaberSpine Seal > Mirror Meld combo (XD I’m trying to coin a name for it while I’m at it…hence the Double Baconators). Today this combo took me out 3 times while I was well ahead (i.e. 15+ health with 3 minions on the board and my opponents just out of handed with it me).

Really this just feels a little bit like KinetiCats, just may be more conditional?

Anyway I’ve had some trouble with this one and KinetiCats in the past. Is this a combo a lot of people are seeing now? Any advice on the best way to play around the thing?


Can we get a dev in here to lock this thread? This is clearly product placement for Wendy’s and not relevant at all to the meta.

I wouldn’t really compare it to Kineticats, but there’s definitely some concerns. Here’s to hoping Provoke minions will properly metacounter our new bacon overlords before I have to worry about it down at my rank.


Lol what? That is a joke right?

I think it’s important to note how Songhai needs to play ~4 cards from hand, which means:

They have to have 4 cards in hand

They need to not be dead so they need to play stuff, so they need to have cards to play besides the combo pieces

So actually getting the combo to work is a little hard… Also it’s stopped by provoke or sometimes tile issues…

I don’t think the combo is super consistent, but I may be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Then again, there is Juxta for Provoke :confused: I’d think dropping enough threats as early as possible so that they can’t deal with them cleanly would be the solution, but I haven’t gone against a Boar deck yet (Vetruvian’s the more popular option down here, what with Falcius being cheap).


Add juxta and that’s like 5 cards… which if they can get they might as well win…


DOUBLE BACONATOR LOL holy sht that name is perfect, I love you sir. Sorry about the cancer :’(


lmao i legit thought he was gonna say he had heartburn from wendys or something when i clicked this thread :hamburger:


I dunno. It seems super consistent. I have now faced 4 Reva deck and she has made me achin’ because of her bacon everytime!

But seriously, since it runs both Spelljammer and Aethermaster it seems like it is super consistent to get the combo especially with Songhai’s additional card draw(so they’re back at two card draw days with the deck).

No worries, much respect J! I just need to tweak the Lyonar decks I’ve been messing with that’s all


Reminds me of Kiri + IF combos. Boar + meld combo is one cost cheaper than Kiri + IF combo.
I’m guessing that cost makes a huge difference and the pieces are less situational or something.


Several Points:

-It’s relatively easy to know when Reva is close to the combo. If she is keeping a full hand and making minimal plays.

-Just run provokes and the combo struggles, I have had several Reva players try to combo me and anything from tombstone to the humble Primus Shieldmaster can chop the combo’s damage in half.

-Keep the combo in mind around turns 6-7, if Reva is hanging on to her cards as noted before.


It does. And meld can be used on many other targets, as well as the fact you can run 3 boar and use the extra boars well

In general, cannot be compared to IF+kiri, ESPECIALLY boar + buff + meld + SECOND MELD.

The damage potential for the combo can get pretty intense :expressionless: