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Feedbacks on my Arcanyst Shidai Deck


I would like to get your feedbacks about my “Arcanyst Deck”, thank you!


Deck looks a little inconsistent with so many 2-ofs, not enough turn 1 plays (as player 1), too few arcanysts and a bit of an odd spell suite.

Shidai actually barely made it onto the power rankings this month https://duelystcentral.com/2018/08/17/august-power-rankings/, but if you scroll down to #20 (it’s actually the first deck) you will see a more ‘meta’ version of the deck, key includes that I think you’re missing are Scroll Bandit, Juxtaposition, Mist Dragon Seal, Kindling and maybe even Gotatsu.

Cut manakite, cut Phantom, cut Spiral Counter (unless it’s heavily performing for you?), and I’d cut meditate too. Also I’m not sure why you’re running Flamewreath without jux/mds but even if you add them I’d probably cut flamewreath too (it’s a great card but way more playable in Kaleos).


Thanks for the advice! Getting back on the game looks pretty hard these times, I have to say I’m especially struggling against Lyonars and especially Magmars who are a huge problem.


For some (pretty playable up to Diamond, but not S) Arcanyst decks you may see my


I have only 1 question, why is Battle Panddo + Deathstrike not played?


It’s a non Arcanyst combo, that has several cons:

  1. It’s a combo, thus inconsistent.
  2. DSS is best played in Reva due to free heartseekers.
  3. It takes place from Arcanysts and more generally useful spells.

That said, I have Arcane Reva deck in my thread which uses this combo.

Also consider using Phoenix Fire or Gotatsu on your freshly summoned DSSed Panddo for an immediate board clear if stars align.


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