Feedback wanted on my creep deck


So,Denizens of Shimzar is out,introducing the new creep mechanics,and even though i was a creep lover of the old,i have been converted into the new.

The creep amount generation is good,and the threat removals are nice,i used to run 2 rites of the undervault instead of the skorns,which i used once in 15 games.

Right now,in silver rank,this deck has 16 wins and 6 losses, 3 being mechazor decks.

Even though the success rate is high (although low rank and early in season) something in the deck just doesnt feel right.


Skorn and tiger don’t really seem to fit into the deck, but you need some 3 mana cards
I feel like you need more draw and removal cards
I would personally add a rite and maybe some dark transformations, but if you don’t want a rite, a sojourner or 2 would work just fine
I’m surprised you are running skorn instead of night fiend.
You could try throwing in a few shadow novas, and maybe some void steals just to see if they work


Is breath even good? Recommend +1 kelaino +1 juggernaut. Also Kron if you have them, threat + provoke helps you live. Why rust crawler? Creeps are pretty good at killing artifacts!

Also @oranos has some good advice there.

Another possibility is to go for a low-curve drawy deck with 1 obliterate 2 rites, and nova/ darkspine.

For a “final form” of this deck, I suggest looking at @freud 's creep deck


tiger is for cases when you need to save the lure and cant seem to reach that minion.

the deck doesn’t seem to need draws as i don’t over-use my hand.

skorn instead of shadow fiend is merely for mana costs and situational creep placements.

shadow nova is really slow for the damage it causes.

rust crawlers exist for the sake of sajj,magmar,and new artifacts in general (also,songhai)

freud’s deck doesnt have the same orientation as mine,sory i cant really put it into wards.


darkspine and nova are too slow for me,since i go for fast threats to exhaust the enemy.

unfortunately,i do not have a single kron.

breath of the unborn is far greater than advertised,i trade with the couple minions i keep at a time,then board clear. really strong at 5 mana with the bbs.


Sunset paragon might help too. It’s good removal, can hit multiple targets, and kills mechaz0r!


oh yeah,how did i forget that,the magical pony of death was an auto-include in my previous season abyssian decks.

I would also appreciate adding me in game,for some on-the-field testing,or watch my replays and see my high risk - high reward playstyle.
Name is same as here,on caps,because duelyst.