Feedback for my New player to Duelyst Magmar guide


So the first time when I posted some of this stuff on the forums people didn’t exactly get the vision of what i was doing. So now that I am about halfway done with it and I am comfortable with format enough I am posting it here. Once again I am only half way done(maybe 75%) I have bunch of proofreading( I make a ton of mistakes typing), clean up of images and couple of other small things.

The purpose of the guide is give a new player a good feel for what the faction is about , how the faction plays and what are the key components. While being relatively future proof meaning the decklist are suppose be examples more than hey go out and build a deck that look like this one.As much possible guide is suppose to be general rather meta specific so it doesn’t have to be done over and over in the future.I split the guide into 4 parts so redoing section like cards or legends could be done in future with messing with other parts. I was thinking of adding 5 part of competitive decks and budgets decks but those things change quite frequently.

Any ideas about format for example for the card section.I am thinking I will use more of a pro/cons approach in future guides because typing coherent paragraphs take along time.I am also looking general feedback on information you think should be in guide or you think is flat out wrong so i can change it. Anyways thank in advance for feedback given.

Yes I plan to do this for the other 5 factions once I get set good format (this is the test run) and hopeful the community can help me out some with the future guides.


I like it a lot! Good job on doing that! It gives new player an impression what Magmar offers and is about.

I like the lore section though to be honest I can’t follow its inner logic all the time. Suddenly there are new Senerai in the end. There is not always a connection between the different lore parts.

Is it written Senerei or Senerai because both exist in your text?

Found a typo in the lore section: " The Weeping Tree was safe – and so was the secret of Aperion’s location. The was was over"

You should explain the expression Timmy in the legends part.

I am working on a guide right now too and I decided to ignore all rotated cards and publish it after the new expansion to save time and energy. Maybe you should do the same? In 4 weeks we have already the new expansion. And it doesn’t help new players to tell them about good cards and in the same moment these will disappear.


I feel I am pretty safe with with general introduction and lore.I can always edit the cards,legends (and competitive section) to add in new stuff . I am just trying to get a general format together then every else will follow along after .I haven’t started into anything else to big so the expansion isn’t going be a big problem.But with that in mind I will probably just take down card and legends sections until after the expansion is released (even though I expect a wild mode to be released.)

The lore section is probably disconnected because I wasn’t trying to get it chronological order but just important events involving magmar making them cliff notes.I tried to touch on the important magmar stuff i know about in the lore. Maybe I have to put everything in chronological order but intent of sections is to get quick bytes of the lore not tell the full story because they can read the chapter. Maybe I need to hit on only the really important stuff and it will work better.

I realized in writing stuff a basic guide to explain basic card terms are needed stuff like Burn decks,Timmy,card advantage,etc


There is probably a wild mode coming but I think we need to make guides for ranked because that’s where the more competitive players will be and these are usually the ones reading guides.

I understand what you did with the lore but right now they read some stuff about Magmars but it doesn’t make that much sense after some time because there is too much context missing. So what will new players take away from the lore section?

I also have the same problem with Duelyst’s lore in general, it feels not that coherent to me.

Burn or card advantage is something people can guess but Timmy is a first name, no idea what that has to do with a card game. I always liked that explanation: Maybe you can use it.

I think the wiki needs its own dictionary. Zyx made a good one ages ago and cloudfrog made one here on the forum but it is kinda chaotic (because it is a forum thread).


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