Feb - March Duelyst Lore Contest


That’s the problem. I already own the skin for my favourite general (and a couple others), so I have no way to read it.


Added all skin lore other than Sajj to the official Duelyst wiki, if someone has access to that lore then please add it.



Nice job! Well done! And yes I can add it easily.

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Ah yes, you can never escape the love triangle.




Figure 1:


Doge Chef

Gather round men, Dog Chef’s on duty tonight!

Meals in Songhai are no easy thing. Unlike the simple dishes of Celandine, Xenkai culture uses a wider variety of spices, herbs, and overall ingredients leading to a general rule when regarding it’s cuisine: explosive flavor when you least expect it! As such, the cooks must be in tip top shape, strong enough to toss the food laden woks high while dexterous enough to add the perfect amount of spices. One cook in particular is famous amongst his peers, they call him “Dog Chef” for he always sets aside a meal in a dog bowl…

“Haah, hopefully the little fellow will show up today. I’ve made his favorite for today,” grumbled Dog Chef.

“Sir, with food as good as yours, whoever this mystery person is must be crazy to miss it even if it’s in a dog bowl!” The rest of the tavern goers looked at him as if he were stupid and began to laugh as they realized he wasn’t joking. “Kid, that mystery person isn’t a person, it’s a freakin dog! Who else would eat from a dog bowl? Hey Dog Chef, wanna educate our clueless rookie here?”

“Alright, alright. If you really want to here my story i’ll tell ya. It all started when I was, but an apprentice…”

I worked for a tavern down in East Kaido (It’s down the street actually). We were worked to the bone and it was often left to me to take the leftovers and trash out. One day, as I was heading out to the back, I saw this doge standing in the alleyway. It was mangy, thin, and had such a harsh look in it’s eyes. That look struck me in a way no blade could ever hope and I gave it some of the leftovers in the bag I was carrying. From then on, our little cycle would repeat itself. Take out trash and feed doge, day after day that was my life until news of General Taigon’s fall spread to the city and a draft was sent out. I felt sorry for the doge so as a parting gift, I made it a proper meal for once. I had heard of how bad things were going for us out there and I was sure it’d be the last thing I would do for the little fella. Thankfully enough, I was wrong.

As for the war, the codex ain’t wrong, but they can’t tell you what it was like in the actual battlefield. After the fall of General Taigon, the only forces left to defend Kaido were the motley band of militia members and us drafted cityfolk.

We stood no chance.

The Vermillion legion tore through us as if we were parchment paper and I could only watch as a blade flew towards me, already slick with the blood of my comrades. It was then that the little doge came to my rescue, I still remember it as if it were only yesterday. The way he moved, if you even blinked he would be gone, already chasing away another soldier. If it weren’t for him I doubt that I’d be here today. He led me away from the battle and into a cave in the Saberspine Mountains. Turns out he liked my food from the other day so much that inside the cavern was a HUGE pile of ingredients and kitchen tools! After making him some of the stuff you’re eating right now, I fell asleep, my fear induced adrenaline no longer enough to keep me awake. I woke up a few hours later as a few Chakri monks had stumbled upon the cave I was in, the little doge nowhere to be seen.

“Wait, sir, you gave a doge THIS?”

“Yep, that’s right. But his eyes had such an intense look of determination in them that I couldn’t bring myself to take it away. It’s sort of like how General Kaleos looks like when he eats it.”

At that, the men looked to a distant table where one individual was sitting, each of his four limbs holding a bowl…

“Agghh! Why does it taste so good, but feel so bad?!” Kaleos took a short break in his eating to take another swig of an almost empty pitcher of water. “Curse you Dog Chef, I’ll conquer your food one day, but until then; HEY! SOMEONE GET ME MORE WATER, I’M ALMOST OUT!”


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been watching a lot of Loud House/Air Gear recently. It’s been interesting to say the least.

Oh and the deadline’s a little more than 2 weeks away so don’t forget to submit your posts!


12, 13…

Only 11 days 'till the deadline guys. Get those submissions in!


Will it be alright if my submission exceeds 600 words?


5 days left until the deadline! We’ll probably have a break from the lore contests after this one so make it a good one!


I dunno why nobody has made a submission yet? If there was a prize for me, I would totally make one. This prompt is great!

mmf, maybe move the date a little further just in case Spring Break gives some of the younger members a bit more time to submit?


I already finished mine, but it’s not eligible for submission because it’s almost 900 words. :disappointed_relieved:


You are literally the only person to submit anything. Just take out a paragraph and submit, even if its trash and you win first place prize.


I really don’t want to submit something incomplete. I’m working on making it shorter, but it’s almost impossible. I suppose I’ll try submitting the way it is, and reupload it if I find a way.


In Memory of :sparkles:

A light breeze rustled past the leaves of the great oak tree. Argeon sat in its shade, staring off to the great expanse of the royal fields. Warm sunlight streamed down the hills and meadows, painting the spring scenery with a light shade of gold. It was a beautiful place, but Argeon knew better.

“Argeon! Here you are!” A voice called, snapping Argeon out from his trance.
“Yes. Didn’t expect you to come all the way here.” Argeon replied, turning around to face the Lyonar general on the back of her Azurite Lion.
“People have been looking for you.” Zir’an said as she dismounted from her lion near the oak tree.
“Nothing to worry. I will return soon.” Argeon said, nonchalantly. Zir’an cocked an eyebrow in disapproval, eyeing Argeon’s laid-back posture.
“Come. Join me.” Argeon said, making room for Zir’an in the shade. Zir’an reluctantly sat down next to Argeon, who continued to gaze off into the distance.

Zir’an looked around her. It really was a beautiful day. Maybe she can spare a few minutes to rest.

“Were you always here? Whenever you’re gone without telling anyone.” Zir’an asked.
“Yes. I must have stayed here a little longs than usual today.” Argeon replied. “It really is a magnificent place, isn’t it? Perfect for hunting, riding…”
“It is indeed.” Zir’an replied monotonously, not yet persuaded that Argeon would so often stray away from his duties just to enjoy some scenery and nice weather.

“There’s a reason why I always come back here.” Argeon said after a moment, standing up and facing the sun which had just began to set. His usual jovial voice suddenly tinted with solemnity. It was subtle, but Zir’an picked it up.
“Tell me.” Zir’an said. She walked up next to Argeon as the last drops of sunlight flashed along the horizon.
“Do you know how I came to the throne?” Argeon said. Zir’an’s face stiffened.
“As you already know, I lost my father and brothers at the Battle of God’s Heel many years ago. They were stabbed in their chests, right under this very tree. I couldn’t save them.”

Zir’an stood in silence. Should she express pity? Should she apologize for his loss? She drowned in her thoughts for a moment, and then shook her head no. She was not the person of such petty words of sympathy. Argeon wasn’t either, and she knew it.

“I can understand your pain.” Zir’an said. “But it can stay in the past. You are a great king, Argeon. Your father and brothers must be very proud of you.”
Argeon glanced at Zir’an.
“I wish I could be as headstrong as you are.” He said. “But I cannot bring myself to forget them.”
“You know very well that’s not what I mean. You must remember your father and brothers with honor, not with a heavy heart. Their legacy gave birth to one of the strongest kings to ever walk our lands. Your father had chosen you for a reason.”
“Chosen me?” Argeon said. “Like I chose you.”
His words were half a question, half a statement.
“I suppose so.” Zir’an replied.

“Thank you, Zir’an,” Argeon said after a short moment of silence.
“I only said what must be said.” Zir’an said, promptly. “It’s really not the most uplifting thing in the world to see someone like you in such worry.”
Argeon chuckled.
“Well, it is time to go back now.” Zir’an said. “There are men to be trained, arms to be forged, and lions to be fed. You mustn’t forget your duties! Your unrequited absence was quite irresponsible, if I must say.”
She mounted her lion. Argeon followed after her.
“I apologize,” Argeon replied, admittedly.

The two rode back to their posts, as the last glimmers of the sun flashed against their heels.

Feb-March Community Voting Poll

I have cut my story down to 620 words, which I assume is close enough to the word limit. I doubt anyone would want to do so, but PM me if you want the full version.


Honestly, I might just take you up on that offer. We’ll see.

@halcyon98, 620 is close enough to the word count especially considering that there are no other entries as of yet. I would also like to point out my utter disappointment in the lack of a bromance” option in your poll. Shame on you


Damn, you’re right. I’ll need some hardcore inspiration from Wattpad to pull that off. Sorry, Argeon and Brome.


Guys, the deadline is tomorrow.


Cant draw the inspiration to write a painful maevh backstory, since there is no lore released with her, i believe