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Feb - March Duelyst Lore Contest


Hi folks, welcome back to the Duelyst Lore Contest (Feb-March)! I hope you’re ready for this months prompt 'cause I know I’m not!

Feb - March Prompt:
To reach perfection, masks must be donned to hide a flawed beginning
As faction leaders, each of the generals are advertised as strong, self-assured individuals capable of leading their people to victory. However, underneath that mask of perfection is a person, a person with their own fears, regrets, and secrets. Write about them!

Contest Rules and Information:

  • Each Submission must have a title or 1-2 sentences of flavor text

  • 300 - 600 words per submission

  • Submissions must be based on a General (Grandmaster Zir counts)

  • Submissions are only acceptable on this thread. 1 submission per user only (edits are allowed before submission deadline ends)

  • Submission Deadline March 23rd 11:59pm PST
    The Top Ten Eligible Entries will be sent to a community voting poll three days after the submission deadline. If there are less than 10 entries, they will be sent to a community voting poll from March 24 - March 26 11:59pm (Any entries from current judges and/or current host(s) will be used as examples and will not be included as eligible contest submissions. In the event of a tie, results will be determined 3-4 days following the community voting poll deadline)

  • No entry shall violate the forum Moderation Policy.

  • Original posts only. Plagiarism not permitted.

Formatting Your Post

  • Name of Card
  • Italicized flavor text or Bolded Title
  • Submission text


  • Go through the in-game card lore. Even the MKII skins have background information about the generals so go through those as well.
  • Take into perspective their playstyles/how you perceive them. How would this add to their character?
  • What do you know of their respective culture?
  • Have fun!


  • 1st place - 5 Spirit Orbs + Loremaster forum title + Place in Jury for next contest (JNC)
  • 2nd place - 4 Spirit Orbs + JNC
  • 3rd place - 3 Spirit Orbs + JNC

All other eligible entries will be awarded 1 Spirit Orb

As always, stay creative!


Ooooo, nice prompt! This should be interesting.


Holy hell, my last story was absolutely perfect for this prompt!



I love that prompt, but I might not be able to finish one on time


I guess I’ll have to try my luck again, but on which general…?


Yeah, I’m so gonna join this.

Question: Is it permittable if 2 or more person ‘accidentally’ use the same general for this contest?


Of course, my story has to be about Argeon and Zir’an: two of my absolute favorite generals.


Yeah, so long as neither of them are copying the other’s work. Just write what you think is right and i’m sure you’ll do fine.




oh you wonderful troll of a human being


Do you guys think the bold text is noticeable enough or would it be better to just go with blue text?


wait, its a colour? i thought those were links


of course its a color. why would we be posting links?


FFS should have expected that.


You can make it a color without the link

@oranos should’ve been this


Oh? Are we doing this, now?


The derail is real


pls dont derail


There’s no way that I can find to view the text on skins/emotes you already own. Is there somewhere I can see all the MKII skin texts? Or can someone post them?


It’s actually the opposite for this. If you buy the skins in the armory then you can’t see the lore :joy: Ehhhh, Waaaai :sob:

Just go to the armory, general skins, then read the lore attached to the skins.